15 Day Diet Plan Review: The Ultimate Diet Plan to Lose 20kg in a Month

With the novel corona virus upon us and a mandatory “Stay Home, Stay Safe” campaign in full swing, a lot of us are worried about our health, especially adding weight.

Since we’re basically eating, sleeping and watching movies to fully implement the ‘social distancing’ rule, adding weight is imminent. Which is why getting a diet plan to lose weight is important.

Of course, you can either choose to tow the long, hard route path of trial and error mixed with exercises or you can always opt for a proven diet plan to achieve weight loss in a matter of days.

Now this is where the 15 Day Diet Plan comes in. If you plan to tip the scale in your favor and drop down up to 20kg in a month, this diet plan promises you such a result.

Lose 10, 15, or 20 Kg Body Weight in Days!

So, you’re curious, how would I lose 10 kg in 3 weeks or sooner?

Here’s the thing, the diet plan promises to help you drop down 15 lbs of body fat in about 15 days, so you should be able to achieve more than 20 kg weight loss in a matter of days if this promise is anything to go by.

This diet plan is targeted at people with immediate weight loss needs, so if you fall under this category, then you should continue reading this.

As you would expect, this isn’t just a ‘meal plan’, it’s an actionable plan that comprises four (4) guides to set you on your way to losing massive weight in days.

15 day diet plan

Actionable Guides Contained in Your Weight Loss Ques With The 15 Day Diet Plan

The four guides contained include:

  1. The Introductory Guide

In the introduction guide you’ll be furnished on what this 15-Day Diet and Workout plan is. First thing to get right and set for success in whatever you want to achieve be it weight loss or mastering a new skill is mindset.

So, expect to be groomed on how to adopt the proper mindset so you can see exponential weight loss results.

The introduction guide will show you how to set and achieve your wellness vision. This is incredibly helpful for long term success.

Overall, the introduction guide gets you pumped up and ready to achieve your weight loss goals. Your frame of mind is important in undertaking a quick weight loss plan, and this is what the introduction guide does, prep you.

  1. The Diet Guide

I’m guessing the diet guide is the major reason you’re interested in the guide, right? Well, to make sure you are not disappointed you will be getting a comprehensive guide.

The guide will take you by the hand and show you the ideal foods to eat to achieve significant weight loss in days. These foods will help kick-start your metabolism (majorly food conversion to energy) so you would be prepared for the journey.

Some of the many things you’ll pick up in diet guide also include:

  1. Well-kept strategies which would significantly improve your ability to burn fat faster.
  2. The best macronutrients to lose weight
  3. Nine (9) superfoods that really burn fat and you MUST incorporate in your daily diet
  4. How best to avoid adding weight ever again
  5. Straight-to-the-point 15-day meal-by-meal plan fit for vegans, meat lovers, and vegetarians.

All in all, the diet guide promises to educate you on what to eat daily for your 15-day weight loss journey. It would also educate you on the right quantity to eat and most importantly, the ideal time to eat.

  1. Workout Guide

A good workout session would help you burn fat. But, do you know the particular workout exercises that guarantee significant weight loss in record time? Following this workout guide alone can help you achieve tremendous results.

But, to maximize results, it’s best to follow all 4-guides this 15-day plan comes with.

For me, I’d personally believe in the power of workouts, which is why I’d always recommend workout guides. This 15-day workout guide does put out some really valuable information anyone serious about losing weight in record time will jump on.

The guide is exhaustive and covers all the sure-fire training and exercises for weight loss you should engage in. If you want to be sure that your hard work is really doing what you want it to (melt fat at a fast rate) you should take a peek.

You’ll learn powerful workouts you can do at the comfort of your home without heading to the gym (you can let your gym membership expire, you won’t need it).

Some of what this 15-day workout guide covers includes:

  • The powerful stretching method to warm you and exactly how you can incorporate it into your workout program
  • Spend less time on your cardio training BUT speed up your results.
  • Exercises and strategies to keep fit even if you’re always on the move
  • A comprehensive 15-day workout plan that details advanced exercises you should do for maximum weight loss. Everything from sets, combos, rep counts and even rest periods.

Clearly, combining our perfect diet plan and this excellent workout regimen will increase your body’s metabolism and cause more fats to get torched, giving you a leaner body at a surprisingly fast rate.

While the importance of supplementation cannot be denied, finding one that is suitable and effective is the real problem. This guide narrows down the options so you know exactly what your body requires.

  1. The Supplement Guide

Your weight loss journey will hardly be complete without addition of specific supplementation. There are powerful fat-eliminating supplements in the market today but we would show you some of the most effective and with little or no side effects.  Prominent among-st these supplements include:

  • Fish oil
  • Whey protein
  • BCAAs
  • Cleanse tea and others…

It should be noted that proper nutrition is paramount alongside the use of supplements for faster results. Dig into the guide to find out supplements to take alongside your diet to help you build stamina and achieve the desired physique and health. The information on this guide is priceless!

According to a UK user, Jenny, she lost 13 lb in just 15 days by adhering to the instructions of this guide and she has found a way to maintain her healthy diet and her leaner, toned look.

  1. Maintenance Guide

After losing weight, you are likely to encounter some pitfalls which might make you gain the lost fat. It implies that if you wish to stay happy for longer, you must pay utmost attention to the maintenance guide part of this plan and you’ll find out:

  • How to loosen up and indulge yourself from time to time without losing sight of your goal
  • How to keep yourself accountable and focused on your weight loss goals
  • That having strong willpower is critical towards achieving speedy weight loss
  • How you can create a balance between your diet and lifestyle – which is the sweet spot of life
  • How to keep improving on your body and health goals, and so much more!

So, if you can put together all of the 5 guides, you definitely have the information on the nutrition and exercise, plus adequate inspiration to motivate you towards owning and controlling your body weight as you want.

Burning off 20 lbs or more in a month without fear of regaining it has never been easier!

DI.ET Takes a Simple and Scientifically Proven Way to Get Rid of Up to 20 Pounds of unwanted Body Fat in 15 Days!

There are just a handful of weight loss diets that make true their claims of cutting down your body weight in a matter of days. Di.et is one of them that follows a scientific proven way of helping you cut down.

With a meal plan that’s fit for all types of people – vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers, you can start the diet plan and in 15 days, see your body weight reduce by 15 pounds or more. What you should keep in mind is that you’d be consuming fewer calories.


  • Is it possible to lose 15 lbs in 15 days?

Weight gain is caused by the body’s inability to expend the piled up calories available to it.

The more calories you take, the lower the chances of your body making use of all of them and the easier it is to get fat.

Reversing the weight gain means cutting down on high calorie foods so that your body burns up the stored fats to carry out its daily processes.

That is the reason you need the 15-day diet plan because the low calorie in the meals will starve your body and cause weight loss.

  • What Other Ways Can You Lose 15 lb In 15 Day?

You can try to lose weight by drinking lots of water. Yes, water is an important element of weight loss and lots if it in 2 weeks (at least 8 glasses daily) can help you feel full and reduce the amount of calorie you consume.

Your low calorie diet coupled with lots of water in 15 days can see you lose up to 15-lbs in that period.

  • What Researches Back This 15-Day Diet Plan?

The 15-day diet plan is prominently supported by the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics.

After carrying out various researches and consulting several professional nutritionists, it became a standard that weight loss is healthier and safer when done by gradual process.

Since losing 500 calories a day is no big deal, one can lose 1 pound daily for 15 days.

The Bottom Line

The Di.et 15 day weight loss plan while not evaluated by the Food and Drug administration follows a strict scientific approach to weight loss that shows that consumption of fewer calories will help you lose weight in days.

It’s a 15-day journey to a slimmer figure, so the 5-stage process (introduction, diet, workout, supplement and maintenance) are crucial to attain your desired goal. If you’re not ready to put in the work, you won’t see the results.

Remember that weight loss is a slow and gradual process, so expect to see results from the 10th day of strictly adhering to the guide. You would need to be motivated to push through, and luckily the guide has you covered.

The best part is this 15 days weight loss diet plan has an ironclad money-back guarantee that covers you for up to 75 days. That means that if within 75 days there’s no weight loss in sight, you simply request a refund and get it instantly.

If you need a diet plan to guide you right and ensure you trim down that excess fat that’s making you uncomfortable in your skin, especially when you want to lose weight in time for an event, I’d highly recommend you get this 15 Day Diet Plan. It’s also passes as one of the best weight loss programs for women.

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