Yoga Burn Review 2021 [Yoga Training Program by Zoe Bray-Cotton]

Hey ladies, today let’s talk about Yoga burn. You’ve probably heard about yoga burn online or from a friend who’s currently undergoing the program, right? Today, I’ll be detailing in great depth everything you need to know about this program. Read this review and decide if you want to go ahead with the program.

yoga burn review by Zoe Bray Cotton

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a program put together by Zoe Bray-Cotton for any (and every) person that wants to ‘reshape’ her body as well as boost her metabolism. It’s for every woman that wants to burn calories and to get the classic yoga booty.

This review will answer all your important questions like; is yoga burn worth the money? Will you get results by enrolling in the program? …and more, so let’s begin.

Can You Lose Weight with Yoga Burn?

The Yoga Burn program by Zoe Bray-Cotton which was previously called “Her Yoga Secrets” takes you on a spin for 12-weeks!

The 12-week program helps you tighten up your ‘problem areas’ as well as lose weight. Again, this program is specifically for women. It was made by Cotton for women who want to get to sexier, tighter, and well-toned body all from the comfort of their home.

Why Yoga Burn?

One of the advantages of Yoga Burn over its counterparts and other fitness videos all over the internet is the fact that this is progressive.

For 12 weeks, you get yoga workouts that build on the last routine, allowing you to keep improving while you’re seriously burning those calories.

You don’t have to worry about repeating the same workouts every day that will begin to bore you, making you lose motivation.

Is Yoga Burn a con or does it worth the Price?

One thing people keep saying is the price point of Yoga Burn seems high at $67. But to be fair, this is a video program of 12 intense weeks of yoga routines that enters you into a total-body challenge.

Considering that you’ll pay more on a single session if you choose to hire a private yoga instructor, you can say it’s a steal deal.

Quick Tip: You can grab a yoga burn package that contains both physical and digital materials for just $37 today if you proceed to their website and watch the video. The link below is the only way to get this exclusive discount.

PS: You literally have nothing to lose, as there’s a 60-day refund guarantee for the program, so if you purchase and feel it’s not up to par, you request your money back.

Now that we have that out of the way, follow me as I delve deeper into this yoga burn review, taking a look at its content, benefits, and more.

Phases of the Yoga Burn

Zoe Bray-Cotton’s yoga program is carried out in three stages: The Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow stages. Let’s get down to a few details about each of these flow phases.

Phase 1 Foundational Flow

In this phase, you’ll perform a series of simple yoga workouts that help to prepare you for the later phases. The foundational phase helps make your body more flexible and revs up your metabolic process, forcing your body to torch stored fats for energy. In this phase, you can take things slow – reducing the risk of injury.

Phase 2 Transitional Flow

In this phase, you’ll notice your workout routine raised a notch. This is where you consolidate your newfound strength and continue to build on it. Your body burns more calories in this stage and you would also learn new moves and poses with your toned muscles becoming more visible.

Phase 3 Mastery Flow

The mastery flow phase is the stage where you discover the real potency of the program. After gaining strength and revving up your metabolism via the previous stages, you can now push your body into torching more calories, unveiling the changes that have happened in looks so far.

It is in this stage that Zoe will help you master some of the advanced sequences that are most difficult to master, especially for those who have been taking random or superficial yoga classes for ages.

PS: Before you go through with your purchase, you can kick start with a 7-minute quiz tailored to help understand what will work best for you.

yoga burn review quiz

Result-Oriented Yoga Training Program

To get the best results from yoga burn, one has to adhere strictly to the instructions on the different phases as one progresses.

If you know anything about yoga, you’ll know that that the initial weeks always seem slow and unproductive.

Zoe says that is because most classes focus on random yoga poses and don’t consistently build on weekly progress – this hinders the achievement of the desired looks from yoga.

To be successful in achieving the desired body via yoga, you have to pay attention to the progression and adaptation which means you may need to coerce your mind and body to align with the changes because random weekly yoga sessions are always going to end in futility.

The Yoga burn phases allow you to start improving on your body’s flexibility and continue to build on your progress from each phase – giving you a choice body in a few weeks. Talk about a total body challenge worth doing!

What Is In The Package?

Yoga burn comes in several digital formats that can be used on tablets, computers, or phones, and on DVDs.

Before now, some yoga programs are either in digital or DVD formats but you would enjoy the best of both worlds with your Zoe yoga burn purchase.

Immediately you purchase this program, you have immediate unrestricted access to the digital formats while you await your physical yoga burn DVD which will be delivered in no time.

In addition to the program are a few bonuses to help consolidate your yoga expertise and achievement of that dream body. The following list is what the yoga burn contains:

  • 3-month (12 weeks) body-shaping course in digital (online) and yoga burn DVD formats – nine workout videos that must be repeated at least four times before you can progress to a new phase. The three phases of the program including 20-intense yoga pose tutorials.
  • BONUS – audio versions of the performed classes that you could do while away from your home or on a trip.
  • Bonus – Tranquility flow class comprising of sequences that eliminate stress. Yes, this bonus isn’t for burning calories but just helping your body to relax.
  • BONUS – immersion community which is a community for women looking to become or keep fit with yoga. With this, you can get access to communicating with other women via calls and have a coach guard you via the same medium till you reach your goals.
  • BONUS – Yoga burn monthly, which is a set of additional DVDs that opens you to the vast world of yoga such as Ashtanga, kundalini, Hatha, Restorative yoga, and Vinyasa.
  • You also have the option of buying another copy of the program at a discounted price. You might find this option useful if you would like yourself and a loved one to participate in the program at the same time.

Zoe is an approachable and love-able woman and she is excellent at her job too. So you know that you’re getting more than enough value when you invest your $37 to purchase this program.

What Are The Benefits Of The Program?

It is okay to be skeptical about how yoga burn is different from other types of yoga. This section is to answer your questions.

Zoe Bray-Cotton reveals why she thinks yoga burn is an excellent option for women wishing to rev up their metabolism, get a toned body, and lose weight:

  • The program keeps pushing you to your limits of improvements – something that is absent in most of those celebrity videos you often see online. Targeting problem areas in women, yoga burn gives you a wow body that will draw attention from your friends and colleagues and results are obvious in a matter of weeks!
  • The sequences of Zoe’s yoga burn can be tweaked to suit anyone’s capabilities and goals. The next stage builds on the previous one so the poses aren’t overwhelming or come off as too easy, which is common with most common yoga classes.
  • Brace up as you progress because the moves and poses become tougher. That means you wouldn’t experience plateaus so your body can keep torching those shelved calories. With progress in this program come more strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. And a much more relaxed mind.
  • You can perform a yoga burn from the comfort of your home. Most yoga classes can increase stress for many reasons especially since the schedule might bite into yours but Zoe explains that yoga burn is only to be done in your free time and even when you’re out of town – it fits perfectly into your daily life.
  • Yoga burn is effective because it is niched. It is targeted at women whereas other yoga classes can accept all genders which means no one gets what they really need.

  Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton

Zoe Bray-Cotton is your yoga instructor in Yoga Burn fitness system. She is an expert in female body transformation and also a certified personal coach and yoga instructor.

Thousands of females (from satisfied customer reviews) owe their weight loss success to Zoe’s yoga training which has accumulated up to 15,000 hours.

She blends her knowledge on female body alterations/transformation with yoga to achieve this practically easy program tagged yoga burn.


What Is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga?

“Yoga burn,” according to Zoe, is built on the foundations of Dynamic Sequencing Yoga.

Yoga burn is about performing yoga poses and moves that make you strong and build flexibility. Success depends on performing the right workout at the right time, in the right form, and for the right period.

So in a nutshell, yoga burn entails series of targeted yoga poses postures designed to bring out the best in you by pushing you harder every time you attempt it – a great way of avoiding plateaus so you can achieve a better body.

As you go through the different videos in the different stages of this program, you will realize the reason for the segmentation.

Who is it for and how long are the yoga burn workouts?

Women are the targets of the yoga burn – women who wish to fix their body problem areas, become more flexible or leaner.

With DSY (Dynamic Sequencing Yoga), there is something for everyone – whether experts or rookies. That is because the program is customizable so that anyone can start from their current state and continue to improve on it.

Also, if you have limited free time, the yoga burn system is perfect for you. “You can squeeze out 3 x 45 minutes each week to partake in the program and expect to see positive results as soon as possible,” explains Coach Zoe.  The bonus class (Tranquility Flow) can be done during an off day to help you relax after a terrific yoga week.

Below is a model of your weekly yoga burn schedule once you begin the program (note that it is customizable):

  • Monday – Part 1 of the Foundational Flow (45 minutes)
  • Tuesday – Brisk, long walk
  • Wednesday – Part 2 of the Foundational Flow (45 minutes)
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Part 3 of the Foundational Flow (45 minutes)
  • Saturday – Brisk, long walk
  • Sunday – You may choose to rest or take the optional bonus Tranquility Flow session
  • This should be your routine for the next 3 weeks before progressing to another phase – the Translational phase.

When Can You See Results?

Don’t get things wrong, the Zoe yoga burn program isn’t a magical fix. You will need consistency and focus for the entire duration of the program especially the first week so that the slight changes can motivate you to accomplish more.

When you will begin to see noticeable changes in your body while doing the yoga burn program is dependent on you and how serious you are with the program.

However, the 12-week long program is designed to cause quick changes in your body’s metabolism, strength, flexibility, and focus by continuously raising the standard with each phase.

Pros and Cons


  • Zoe’s program gives women a chance to grow leaner even from the coziness of their houses
  • Each video comprises simple instruction with strongly engaging and enjoyable class sessions
  • In Dynamic Sequencing, your current level doesn’t matter because there is always a continuous challenge to push you beyond limits
  • Helps you burn calories and maintain a beautiful weight with easy-to-follow yoga poses.
  • With yoga burn, losing weight is not debatable as your body’s metabolic process is bound to rev up plus your immune system and overall mood also benefit from the program.
  • Yoga burn can be accessed and used from anywhere because it is available in DVD formats, audios, and also a downloadable format
  • At $37, you get great value for such a small token with this program. Don’t like the results you’re getting? Yoga burn allows a 60-day money-back guarantee!


  • For some folks, consistency and motivation might be an issue. Yoga burn is not magic. To lose weight, you need to be consistent throughout the twelve weeks of the program although positive results might be obvious a few weeks into it.
  • You will have to repeat a 15-minute video 3 times per class and while this shouldn’t be much of ado, most users claim they’d have preferred a straight 45-minute video.
  • Advanced yoga connoisseurs would find the moves and poses quite easy to do.

 How much does yoga burn cost?

Yoga burn review by cotton zoe The yoga burn fitness program is on sale only from the company’s official website at a price of $67. However, if you click the below link, you can get it for a discounted price of $37.

No qualms, the course has a 60-day money-back option, so you can watch your progress during this time and decide if the program is worth your money.

However, with the OUTSTANDING results, users have testified to and the token paid for the course, this is the right definition of value for your money. It is available for download so you ought to get started with your journey to a healthier, happier, and leaner body immediately!

Although the results depend on the efforts an individual puts in, the yoga burn fitness program still maintains a decent score of Value, Enjoyment, and Quality.


Final Thoughts

Our yoga burn review helps you understand this fitness system and decide if it’s something you want to enroll in. There are several videos of yoga gimmicks all over the internet and honestly, we thought the yoga burn program was just another one. However, with further probe and use, we discovered Zoe did an excellent job by loading this program with exclusive ideas.

First of all, it targets women who aim to grow leaner or have a yoga booty. It satisfies this quest to giving women a much more toned and shapely feminine look.

Secondly, it can be tweaked to your level – whether beginner flow, intermediate or advanced yoga practitioners, coupled with some fun sequences and poses. We can’t also forget that these classes can be done at your scheduled time, so there is something for everyone.

To cap it off, consistency with the program combined with the right dieting would work magic on your body and looks. It means that the more serious you are, the more likely you’re to get results.

Also, if you don’t like the results you’re getting, you can just request your money back within 60 days of your purchase. This means you can purchase this yoga program with confidence as you’ve got nothing to lose.

For women, the yoga burn program is a great replacement for gym time especially for those who do not like leaving their homes or don’t have time to go to a fitness facility. Just focus on the workout videos in the 12-week program and you should see results. Click here to grab a copy of Zoe Cotton’s Yoga Burn system

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