Do you need to feel the burn to build muscles

Do you need to feel the burn to build muscles? The answer is simple: No. You can build muscle without feeling a “burn”. But what does that mean? How do you know if your workout is working? And how can you tell if it’s working well enough? Let’s explore these questions as well as other common questions about working out.

Why do I feel the burn when exercising

The “burn” does not necessarily indicate muscle growth. Lactic acid is produced by your muscles during your workout, which is why you feel a burn. When you exercise vigorously enough to deplete the muscle’s oxygen supply, lactic acid is created to convert glucose into energy.

The muscles need oxygen, without oxygen, it breaks down the glucose using enzymes, and lactic acid is produced as a byproduct. The bloodstream may become overflowing with lactic acid as a result of the muscles being overworked by the workout and attempting to receive more oxygen. The burn you experience is brought on by an increase in the amount of lactic acid.

Your muscles adjust as you get fitter to either swiftly “flush out” or become more tolerant of lactic acid. If you combine strength, endurance, and muscle hypertrophy training with cardio and/or HIIT, you will typically feel the burn. Hypertrophy training, (gaining muscle) is due to muscle fatigue. , which results in muscle growth. Higher reps will cause you to feel the burn more, but you may also tire the muscle with shorter reps and still gain muscle without experiencing a burn.


Muscle Burn – Cool Down

A cool down is necessary to complete and wrap up your workout in order to preserve healthy muscles and prevent injuries. Try a slow, low-impact stroll, and make sure to stretch the muscles you just worked by holding static poses for at least 30 seconds. Foam rolling or massaging any lingering tight places on the muscles should be done last.


What if There is No Burn?

You are exercising at a level at which your muscles have enough oxygen when you do not feel the burn. If you want to feel the burn, you are looking for a level of exercise where your muscles are depleted of oxygen and start creating lactic acid. Increase your workout’s intensity until you can feel the burn, or think about switching to an anaerobic exercise like weightlifting, if you can’t.


Strength Gain

The best thing you can do if you lack access to any of the aforementioned ways is to monitor your strength levels.
Muscle and strength do not directly correlate, although they do have a high link. Typically, muscular gains follow strength gains.




It’s important to note that the intensity of your burn will vary from person to person. Some people can go into a workout and feel it, while others don’t. If you’re one of those who doesn’t experience a true burn sensation during exercise, you may still be able to build muscle just as effectively as those who do—it all depends on your goals and how much time you dedicate toward working out every day.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone trying to build muscle: find what works best for YOU! Don’t let other people’s opinions about “feeling” or not feeling get in the way of what works best for YOUR body type and goals; stick with what feels right so long as it keeps moving forward toward your goal physique!

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