Trenbolone Review 2021: A Body Building Risk Worth Taking?

Looking for a detailed review of the steroid Trenbolone? This in-depth piece will educate you on tren, what it is and if you should try it.

Trenbolone is notorious among those looking to increase their muscle mass. But, this anabolic steroid is banned for human use(although used clinically), it is also and mostly used on livestock for improved appetite and muscle mass.

While there are claims of the steroid assisting fitness geeks attain a Silvester Stallone appearance, this piece will be scrutinizing every aspect of the synthetic substance – and that includes the negative effects.

Trenbolone Review: Overview

Trenbolone review

L. Velluz and his colleagues at Roussel Uclaf, a French pharmaceutical enterprise, might have had the best intentions for synthesizing Trenbolone acetate, especially in cattle rearing. But humans, as always, found another use for the steroid – muscle expansion.

Bodybuilders continue to consume trenbolone acetate for growing muscles despite existing regulations against the use of the steroid.

The potent steroid was previously deployed to increase the muscle mass in cattle for a significant increase in beef quantity. That is, this steroid trenbolone acetate that fitness buffs are injecting was made for herds of cattle, not humans.

Trenbolone Acetate Good for Muscle Mass, Bad for You

trenbolone anger

The use of trenbolone has alarming bad effects, which anyone contemplating the consumption of the steroid should be worried about. This explains why the synthetic substance is categorized as an illicit substance, and you should avoid such.

If you want to build muscles without worries, there are more healthy ways of achieving your goal without using synthetic steroids that are likely to harm you and ring the doping alarms if you decide to compete in a sporting event. A worthy alternative worth mentioning is Trenorol.

Why Is Trenbolone Used? What Does Tren Do To The Body?

Trenbolone has come a long way from its use in cattle rearing. Initially, the steroid was injected into the animals, increasing their muscle size and the beef’s size – the profitability of cattle rearing was unquestionable due to this practice.

After its exploits on the farm, the steroid became a favorite among bodybuilders looking to increase muscle mass over a short period, with more people taking to the synthetic compound.

It’s not surprising as the anabolic steroid is renowned for its impact on animals’ muscle size like cattle.

With the use of trenbolone acetate, your body undergoes a physiological change that has its ups and downs which we will look at in this trenbolone review.

For the ups, you’d get a boost in the building of tissues in your body, attributed to its enhanced anabolic effect.

The steroid raises the nitrogen levels in your body, resulting in a corresponding increase in energy – an essential requirement for any anabolic process.

For many, trenbolone offers an easy route to building muscles without waiting a long time to get results. The steroid gets the job done quicker — with insane consequences.

What Are The Side Effects Of Trenbolone?

As previously highlighted, there’s an ugly side to trenbolone use. The anabolic steroid has more than the usual handful of negative effects that bodybuilders have gotten accustomed to. The steroid isn’t just aggressively potent; it leaves a trail of side effects in its wake.

Trenbolone Review: Side Effect


The use of trenbolone is another cause of gynecomastia, which results in enlarged mammary glands in men. Considering the steroid tends to latch on to progesterone’s receptor – the pregnancy hormone in women – it’s no surprise that using the synthetic compound causes men to lactate.

Tren cough

On injecting trenbolone into your body, you experience a coughing reaction for a few minutes. It doesn’t happen for long and diminishes in intensity after about 5 minutes of the coughing spell.

It’s uncertain how the steroid causes this ‘tren cough’ reaction, but there are claims it might be due to the respiratory tract’s irritation or the oversecretion of inflammatory substances like prostaglandins.

Anabolic Steroid With Devastating androgenic effects

Trenbolone is three times more powerful than testosterone in the androgen department. Such a high level of androgen potency brings forth a truckload of negative effects – it’s akin to amplifying everything that makes you a man. Below are some of these effects:

  • Massive hair loss
  • Due to the excessive androgenic trenbolone activity, using trenbolone causes a significant loss of hair.
  • Acne
  • Trenbolone, like most steroids, creates a safe haven for the bacterium that causes acne to thrive. The anabolic steroid causes the sebaceous gland in the skin to amplify the production of oily fluid, resulting in the perfect breeding space for the bacterium. While the acne breakout is short-lived, the consequences – scars left behind – are always an unpleasant sight.
  • Low sperm count
  • Trenbolone might be highly androgenic, but its limiting effect on testosterone production can affect your body’s sperm cell manufacturing process.
  • Reduction in testicle sizes
  • The gonads aren’t the steroid’s greatest allies. With your use of trenbolone, your body attempts to suppress its testosterone levels. And its first resort is to decrease the size of the testicles – a situation known as hypogonadism. Several hormones work in tandem to bring about this process.
  • Increased aggression
  • Trenbolone, through its androgenic action, increases your level of aggression. While this ‘roid rage’ might spur you on completing workout routines, it makes you violent, degenerate into having a felony charge.
  • High risk of cancerous growth in the prostate gland
  • Excessive use of trenbolone’s has been shown to trigger cancerous growth in the highly sensitive prostate gland.
  • Excessive growth of hairs on the face and body
  • The steroid’s highly potent androgenic effects are visible in the face and body – apart from the scalp.
  • Insomnia
  • The use of trenbolone has been shown to affect your sleeping habit. This could leave you all moody and workup.
  • Night sweats
  • With its fast-paced approach to building muscles, the steroid triggers the sweat glands to get hyperactive, degenerating into unpleasant night sweats.
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Trenbolone’s enhanced vascularization effects appear to increase blood flow through the vessels, which can severely affect your well-being.
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Many bodybuilders use trenbolone to get pumped for sex—the steroid influence on the brain’s limbic area makes this happen. But the trenbolone does long-term damage to your sex drive. The ability to have sex is unlikely with the use of trenbolone, regardless of the dosage used.

Women Get it Bad Too With The Crazy Steroid Trenbolone

If you’re a woman using trenbolone, you’ll contend with these symptoms even long after quitting using the synthetic substance:

  • Virilization
  • The clitoris increases in size
  • Baldness (hair loss)
  • Voice changes

Addictive tendencies

The steroid trenbolone doesn’t have the dopamine stimulating effect that makes drugs like cocaine and heroin devastating to use. Yet consuming this androgenic steroid trenbolone without any medical prescription can result in your body becoming reliant on it.

This could have severe repercussions on your well-being as you might not be able to go about your routine without using the steroid.

You shouldn’t ignore getting medical help if you’re dealing with the consequences of using trenbolone. With side effects like stroke and cardiac arrest being life-threatening, there’s no wishing away the symptoms you feel and see.

When you compare the gains of muscle mass and improved food efficiency with a significant number of devastating side effects, there’s little doubt regarding this androgenic steroid’s repressive nature.

Don’t forget that you have to factor in the stiff legislation against trenbolone use without a doctor’s prescription.

The use of the steroid trenbolone doesn’t stop at muscle building and crippling side effects, you are likely to get tagged due to anti-doping laws or worse still spend some time in prison.

How Does Trenbolone Work? How Good is Trenbolone?

Of course, we know that trenbolone does have some positive side to it. All that androgenic power has some fair use, including:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Better food efficiency
  • Faster muscular development, so you don’t spend months lifting weights.

These benefits make the use of trenbolone challenging to resist for many bodybuilders, despite the dangerous side effects and stiff legislation guiding its use.

Trenbolone is an androgenic steroid with a potency that’s five times stronger than testosterone. This explains why trenbolone can bring about an increase in muscular mass while amplifying other male attributes.

Due to the vast anabolic nature of trenbolone, bodybuilders love the steroid, yet the government’s regulatory agencies prohibit it. Both sides of the divide have their reasons for their affiliations.

The massive effects of trenbolone are like music to the ears of bodybuilders. But that’s also the steroid’s undoing in the eyes of agencies like the FDA.

Benefits of Trenbolone

With benefits like:

  • Massive muscle mass building
  • Zero fluid retention giving you that lean appearance
  • Increase food efficiency
  • Increases the red blood cell count
  • Doesn’t increase estrogen levels

The steroid trenbolone can exert its effects on muscle building and the likes by binding to the androgenic receptors in your body, messaging your cells to build muscles far possible with your normal testosterone levels.

While some of the steroids attach to latch on to androgenic receptors, some bind to progesterone receptors.

You’re able to experience the side effects of trenbolone due to the body’s protective mechanism. Your body has a homeostatic balance that has to be maintained. While steroids like trenbolone tend to upset that, your body acts to restore such balance.

This is reflected in the body’s reduction of natural testosterone levels when you use trenbolone, which is only possible by decreasing the testicles’ size.

There are not enough medical data to back the modus operandi of trenbolone since the anabolic steroid was never meant for human consumption.

Why is trenbolone illegal?

The use of trenbolone is illegal in countries like the United States, Canada, and others. Trenbolone owes its illicit status to its effect on the emotional and physical well-being of the individual involved.

Trenbolone, like most steroids, can help restore male physical attributes like hair growth on the body, muscle mass, and more. Still, it has never been qualified for use in treating any health condition, so the prescription for the substance isn’t up for discussion – loopholes for consuming the steroid.

Considering the numerous side effects of trenbolone, a ban on using the anabolic isn’t an out-of-the-moon decision. You can’t expect regulatory agencies like the DEA to give such a steroid the greenlight.


Steriods like trenbolone are known to increase aggression – roid rage – which could degenerate into outright violence if the individual isn’t put under check.


The general perception is that trenbolone and other illicit steroids are categorized due to doping laws – and it’s an erroneous assertion. Trenbolone is banned for its numerous side effects that are capable of degenerating into life-threatening conditions.

While trenbolone and other illicit steroids might not have the dopamine stimulating effect, they are still categorized as controlled substances. The penalty for being involved in using such items can be a bitter pill to swallow.

In the US, trenbolone is categorized as a schedule III controlled substance with a medium abuse probability and a likelihood of causing mental or physical addiction. But in Canada, the steroid is a schedule IV controlled substance, suggesting regulations are less stiffer in the North American country compared to the US.

In the UK, trenbolone is allowed for private use and possession. While far away in Australia, such a practice will get you jail time.

How Quickly Does Tren Work?

Users say tren kicks in almost immediately and you should start seeing results like muscle gains in as little as 3 days to a few weeks. But don’t forget that the side effect also kicks in immediately, so expect hair loss, blood pressure as well.

All these and more are why Trenbolone acetate is dangerous and shouldn’t be taken.

Trenbolone Alternative: Why Is It Recommended?

The use of trenbolone acetate steroids might catch your eyes, especially when you imagine the muscles you could build without estrogen knocking your efforts.

While your desire to build muscles is understandable, you need to consider every aspect of steroid use, including its side effects. And these pitfalls are quite numerous, so why bother with such a dangerous steroid?

If you are serious about building muscles with minimal side effects and staying out of trouble, this trenbolone alternative, trenorol, is worth looking at.

A healthier version of the anabolic steroid trenbolone…

trenbolone alternative trenorol

Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol is a healthier option compared to trenbolone that’s ridden with side effects. It’s a natural, potent bodybuilding and fat-burning supplement that offers all the things you like about trenbolone without its unpleasant baggage.

Don’t rationalize the use of trenbolone as the steroid’s side effects are devastating regardless of dosage. Spare your heart the increased risk of myocardial infarction and keep your body free from the havoc that trenbolone use is associated with.

If you’re still giving the use of trenbolone some thought, you should spare some for the cops waiting to put their hands on you when you’re found with trenbolone.

Remember that the steroid Trenbolone is a controlled substance in the US and Canada.

For athletes, a blanket ban on all steroids means resorting to trenbolone use could strip you off all your acquired medals and prevent you from participating in future events. Regardless of how you look at it, the gains of using trenbolone are few and far between.

We believe that the risks associated with using a steroid, like trenbolone, is far too much, especially when the alternative is entirely safe. Crazy Bulk’s Tren alternative can be purchased without any legal implications and no severe side effects to worry about.

What Makes Trenorol Worth It?

Unlike its illicit counterpart trenbolone, trenorol doesn’t damage your body. You’ll get the muscle mass increase, strength, and a host of other benefits you seek.

No need to look over your shoulders when buying trenorol, visit their website, and get your supplement delivered to you sooner than you think.

It’s worth noting that the use of trenorol won’t ring any anti-doping alarms. The supplement is entirely legal and not restricted for use by athletes. Your clean reputation wouldn’t get soiled on using this legal alternative.

It’s worth emphasizing that Crazy Bulk’s Tren alternative isn’t a steroid that contaminates your system for a short-term gain. As long as it’s used correctly, these powerful supplements can get you the pros of trenbolone without the cons.

If you feel that you can use trenbolone since you’re not a professional athlete and its use is permitted for private consumption in your country, think about the negative impact the steroid will have on your health. There’s even the possibility that you could get hooked to it, which makes things quite messy.

Beyond getting you that build you seek, trenorol helps you heal faster while burning fat quickly. And despite the incredulous gains, you don’t have to worry about side effects. What else could you want?

How Does Trenorol Work?

Crazy Bulk - Trenbolone alternativeTrenorol gets its potency from a combination of natural ingredients that amplify the body’s nitrogenous content, so muscle-building occurs quicker than usual.

The supplement also increases the body’s production of red blood cells so that your muscles are adequately vascularized for better endurance during typically exhausting workout sessions.

It doesn’t contain items like sugar, salt, wheat, gluten, and others that might affect your workout routine or dampen any progress. Trenorol’s ingredients, such as nettle leaf extracts, pepsin, and milk products, ensure the building of muscles proceeds without any setbacks.

With its combination of ingredients, trenorol can deliver:

  • Massive muscle gains
  • Better endurance
  • Faster healing time
  • Lean appearance
  • Impressive fat loss

Considering the massive gains of using trenorol coupled with the supplement being legal and safe, you have no business seeking out illicit items like trenbolone that could jeopardize your career and put you on the wrong side of the law.

What Makes Trenorol Effective?

The efficacy of trenorol is tied to its use of natural ingredients that deliver trenbolone benefits without the side effects. And you have to give kudos to how clear the actual ingredients are correctly spelled out, so you aren’t left in the dark as to the supplement’s content.

Trenorol contains about six active ingredients, and all of them bring about the positive effects of the supplement, like increased muscle mass and better-vascularized tissues.

  • Beta-Sitosterol 600mg is a phytosterol that has a structural similarity to cholesterol. The biochemical helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels for improved vascularization.
  • Samento Inner Bark 300mg is also known as catclaw. The wild vine extract has multiple health benefits, such as its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immuno-stimulating properties.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract 300mg might be a staple in food preservation, but the leafy substance offers other benefits. Containing terpenoids, carotenoids and fatty acids, and a host of different materials, the weed has been shown to have excellent antioxidant and antimicrobial potential.
  • Pepsin 75mg is an enzyme that helps breakdown protein into small building blocks.
  • As you can see, there’s sufficient medical evidence regarding the capability of these active ingredients in trenorol. It’s not all hype, as it’s common with many supplements available on the market.
  • Beyond the active ingredients, trenorol contains several other ingredients that help you achieve your bodybuilding goals with minimal side effects. These include:
  • Gelatin
  • Rice Concentrate
  • Lactose
  • Silica
  • Vegetable Stearate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Milk Products

You might have observed that trenorol contains protein sources like gelatin and milk products. This is aimed at helping your body’s muscle mass-building efforts shorten the timeline for you to get the results you seek.

How To Use Trenorol?

Unlike trenbolone that had to be injected into the body, trenorol is available in pills, so you don’t have to use needles to transfer the supplement into your body. Also, you don’t have to the about the quantity of the supplement to consume.

It comes with an advised dosage of 3 capsules daily, about 45 minutes before the commencement of your workout routine. It would be best if you didn’t use the supplement when you aren’t working out.

You’re advised to use the supplement for about two months on a stretch before taking a week-and-a-half long break to see the results materialize.

Our Thoughts

As you have read from our Trenbolone review, this anabolic steroid is one of the most talked-about steroids in the bodybuilding world. There is a whole lot of thread of users (or prospective users) discussing this steroid.

One thing is for sure, trenbolone is an illegal and dangerous steroid that doesn’t sit well with the FDA as it has proven to be harmful to users.

But, yes, trenbolone is a highly potent and fast-paced steroid that’s bound to deliver impressive muscle mass, minimize fat buildup, and improve your body’s vascularization.

However, in case you didn’t get the memo even after saying it severally in this trenbolone review, the steroid Trenbolone is an illicit substance and has never been allowed for human consumption.

But bodybuilders have taken to their tren due to its shortcut offering. You shouldn’t join those using the steroid as its side effects are far-reaching and could leave you with regrets later in life.

We have seen people with deformed arms from the usage of trenbolone and women who are suffering from hair loss as a result of taking this tren acetate.

You don’t want to be one of the statistics of the negative effect of tren. It won’t only spoil your chances of contesting in any regulated activity but will also make you dangerous with anger issues.

Hope…A legal, safer alternative!

Fortunately, your bodybuilding desires do not have to take a back seat as the steroid has a legal alternative, Trenorol, capable of both safe and effective.

Another good thing about this Tren alternative is that you don’t have to worry about being banned from the sports you love as the supplement isn’t on the anti-doping list.

If you have plans to stack trenorol, healthier and legal options to notorious steroids exist that could deliver on all your expectations without worrying about the effect on your well-being.

The best part is, you can purchase trenorol alone or its stack directly on the Crazy Bulk website and get a good discount for the purchase of two or more bottles of a supplement that rivals trenbolone in effectiveness while being relatively safer and healthier.

Click here to get the best price of the legal alternative to Trenbolone.

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