7 Foods That Can Increase Libido Naturally

Want to increase libido naturally? Check out the foods below…

Humans are sexual beings and whatever has to do with our sexuality is a matter of importance. There are several issues that can affect libido negatively.

Age, stress, low testosterone, and an unhealthy lifestyle can inhibit sexual drive a great deal. However, taking drugs like Viagra may have ‘not-so-good’ effects on the human body despite being useful in combating erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

There are even testosterone boosters for men whose low sex drive is being caused by age or their rigorous jobs. One of such is TestoPrime.

However, there are natural foods that you can consume to boost your libido (increase libido). According to Indian sexologist, Dr. V Sanghal, “Any good and healthy food is effective in boosting sex drive. However, some foods are especially effective for a healthy sexual life.”

So the next time you purchase food items, you should stock your house with these 7 foods for your sexual wellness, especially if you want to last longer in bed.

7 Foods to Increase Libido Naturally

1. Walnuts

walnuts to increase libido

Walnuts are mainly to improve a man’s sperm hence fertility. Regular walnut consumption can improve the shape and movement of the sperm.

2. Strawberries and Raspberries

Strawberries and Raspberries

Zinc is essential for increasing testosterone in both men and women. Testosterone is known to be the main determinant of sex drive. Strawberries and raspberries are loaded with a considerable amount of zinc.

Regular consumption of these berries is bound to push your sex drive and performance to the peak as you increase your zinc and testosterone levels.

3. Watermelon

watermelon to increase libido

Watermelon is packed with Citrulline which is responsible for the release of arginine (which is important for vascular health) and amino acids. Watermelon improves sexual performance as well as libido.

4. Almonds

almonds for libido increase

Almonds contain as much arginine and amino acids as watermelons. It helps your blood vessels relax while improving your erection.

5. Avocados

Avocados for increasing libido

Avocados are rich in folic acid and vitamin B6. These are important for regulating blood and stabilizing hormones, leading to a healthy sexual drive and better sexual performance.

6. Eggs

eggs for boosting libido

Eggs improve erection and sexual performance. Amino acid and L-arginine found in eggs are useful for strong and prolonged erection.

7. Steak

Steak for boosting libido

It is recommendable that you consume more steak to boost your testosterone levels and sex drive. Steak provides zinc, protein, iron, and vitamin B for improving libido both in men and women.

PS: It is worthy to note that alcohol is dangerous to sexual health. With alcohol, you might only have a heightened desire for sex, but your performance might just come out shambolic.

If you try boosting your libido using natural foods but still want to rev it up, you should consider going for counseling first.

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