How do boxers build muscles without lifting weights

A boxer is not on the same level as a bodybuilder. Some of the world’s fittest athletes are boxers. How do boxers build muscles without lifting weights, You could assume that if they aren’t lifting weights, their muscles will become weak. The truth is that building up those muscles to the point where he can use them both within a fight and outside of one requires months of training.
So how do boxers build muscles? These and other questions will be answered in this post.


 Does boxing gain muscle?

Yes, boxing gains muscles. Boxing is a great way to build muscles and the best part of boxing is that it doesn’t require any equipment other than your body and some gloves. then, how does boxing gain muscle? 

  • Boxing is a low-impact exercise since it only calls for small movements, making it easy on your joints and less taxing on your muscles than other types of exercise.
  • Boxing is also a high-intensity workout that combines strength training with aerobic exercise. Boxing aims to simultaneously improve your speed, strength, agility, and endurance. The muscles that move your arms, legs, and torso work hard during a boxing workout to generate power for punches.


What Muscles Should You Develop for Boxing?

Several key muscles in boxing are crucial. They include;

Leg muscles

Since your legs are attached to the ground, they are responsible for lifting it off the ground to generate power throughout your entire body. All the power you need for boxing originates from the ground.
The main muscles are found in your thigh and are called quadriceps and hamstrings. Your quads and hamstrings work together to move your body in the direction of a punch after your calf muscles assist you in lifting your heels off the ground. While you’re moving, your quadriceps and hamstrings support the extension (straightening) of your hips and knees, respectively.

Core muscles

The core muscles are also know as abdominal muscles. These help support your spine thereby supporting your entire body. Your body’s limbs each produce a certain amount of power, but it is your core that enables you to combine that strength into a single, overall force.

The core muscles not only assist with breathing but also with frontal body shots. When it comes to creating power, the lower body’s energy is carried by the ab muscles, notably the obliques. The lower back muscles, which are also core muscles, aid in punch recovery and are employed for rotation and power.

Shoulders muscles

You will surely feel the burn in your shoulders after a solid boxing session. This is because to the fact that the shoulder joints, which are crucial for punch endurance, are the conduit via which all of the power generated by your legs, hips, and core is directed.

Arms muscles

The arm muscles aid in power delivery because their major role in boxing is to link the power to the opponent. In boxing, having quick arms is much more important than having powerful arms since the arms connect power, not generate it.



Calf muscles are the muscles that run from the rear of your ankles to the back of your knees. Your calves play a significant part when you step your left or right foot forward to throw a punch because footwork is crucial. You use them every time you throw a punch by initiating a stride in the direction of the punch.


How does boxing affect the body?

Boxing affects the body in so many positive ways. It is a cardio workout that helps your heart and lungs receive just the right amount of stress. When boxing for exercise, you can concentrate on both your punching technique and raising your heart rate. It is the ideal combination of aerobic and strength training. Intense exercise can speed up your metabolism and aid in fat burning.

Boxing instantly tones your body and develops lean, muscular strength. Being strong and powerful is just as crucial for the sport as being swift on your feet. The mental and emotional changes someone experiences when using boxing as workout is one of the most important things we notice. The training will be difficult as it will push you to your limits but in the end you will not only boost your confidence but also improve your coordination and relief stress.

Do boxers need to lift weights?

Lifting weights isn’t necessary for boxers. When boxers do utilize weights, it’s typically more for practical reasons or as part of their weight-training regimen.

Heavy weight lifting uses time and energy that could be better spent on boxing training, and it also leaves you exhausted the next day, which prevents you from getting the most out of your jogging or boxing workout.

Why boxers don’t lift weights?

Boxers don’t lift weights for a variety of reasons as boxing doesn’t use equipment but hand-to-hand attack.

  • Your body grows as you lift weights, this causes punches  to be  delivered more slowly as a result of gaining weight in the arms and muscles.
  • Excessive weight lifting negatively impacts agility, and we all know a boxer needs to be extremely agile.
  • Lifting weights makes people gain weight (due to obvious reasons). These boxers will find it challenging to compete in their preferred weight division when their weight increases.

Yes, lifting weights can help you gain more power, but power isn’t everything in boxing. Naturally, boxing requires a combination of strength, agility, attention, endurance, and core stabilization.

Can boxing alone build muscle?

No, Boxing alone cannot build muscles. Although boxing is an excellent all-around exercise that can help you develop muscle in your legs, hips, core, arms, chest, and shoulders. It does not have the mechanical tension and metabolic stress to stimulate growth. Boxing does not demand a great force production because there is no external obstacle or resistance to overcome.

Can boxers build muscles without lifting weight?

Yes, boxers may develop their muscles without lifting weights. This is due to the fact that boxing is still a very demanding activity.

Boxers can bulk up without using weights, but it’s not really a good idea. Weight training is simpler, hence most boxers opt to do it. They utilize weights for a number of purposes, such as to simply maintain muscular mass or to quicken their movements. Boxers would be wise to work out in the weight room if they want to add muscle mass.

How do boxers build muscles without lifting weights?

You might be asking how do boxers build muscles  without lifting weight if boxing doesn’t generate muscle. Strength training is a common addition to the training regimen of boxers. In order to maintain your health as well as increase your force and power output, strength training is an essential component of boxing training. 

Boxing workouts for Building Muscle without lifting weight


  • 3-5 minutes of shadowboxing
  • Five to ten minutes of jumping rope.


  • Push-ups three to four times for 20 to thirty seconds.
  • 3-4 x 5-10 pull-ups
  • 3-4 x 50 or 3-4 x 10-20/leg bodyweight squats or single-leg squats.
  • 3 x 15 V-ups
  • 3 x 20 Russian Twist
  • 3 x 10 Hanging Leg Raise



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