PrimeGenix CortiSync Review – A Male-Focused Stress & Fat-Burner That Balances Cortisol Levels

If you notice, there aren’t a lot of male-focused fat burners or stress relievers available on the market. Don’t men want to trim down too or get their mind and body relaxed? I would love to believe they do, and this is probably why PrimeGENIX, a leading male health pharmaceutical decided to produce the CortiSync dietary supplement.

So, what exactly is CortiSync?

primegenix cortisync

CortiSync is a highly-effective doctor-recommended cortisol supplement that helps in reducing stress levels.

You see, the stress hormone cortisol has been associated with major health problems, and if left unchecked can be detrimental to your health. This is why a stress supplement will always come in handy.

According to scientific research, taking two Cortisync capsules each day can balance cortisol in about two weeks. This is a big relief if you’ve always had a rough time with stress.

CortiSync Review: Clinically Tried, Doctor-Recommended Dietary Supplement

As said earlier, CortiSync is a doctor-recommended dietary supplement that has been proven to work. It is purchasable only on the official website at

This powerful dietary supplement promises to normalize your cortisol levels in just 2 weeks of using it. More so, you will also get a few perks like improved focus, an increase in energy, and overall strength gain.

This is not a magic pill though. It’s fully backed by science with a combination of organic substances infused in each cortisync pill to balance cortisol levels.

You can rely on plant-based substances, vitamins, and minerals to manage stress rather than using habit-forming supplements or prescription medications.

If you’re wondering, Cortisync costs just about $69 per bottle but delivers a higher performance compared to other brands of similar pricing.

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Is CortiSync Worth it? What are the Benefits of Cortisync?

PrimeGENIX, the company behind Cortisync has listed several benefits of this supplement. The claims include:

  • Minimize hunger which is very beneficial to your weight loss needs
  • Boost athletic performance, so you can get in shape faster and better
  • Increase in energy and strength, as you’ll need them for your workout
  • Boost metabolic processes, which would speed up weight loss
  • Boost concentration, memory, and attention span

The best part is that all of these are benefits you’ll enjoy in about two weeks of using cortisync.


So, How Does Cortisync Function? What’s the Secret Sauce?

Well, it turns out that cortisync contains a combination of adaptogenic herbs and plants. So, what’s special about these adaptogens? Interestingly, these are herbal substances that support your body’s reaction to mental and physical stimuli.

You see, cortisync contains a rich dose of these adaptogens which have been known as powerful stress relievers.

There are a few of these plants that are finely blended and used as ingredients in the manufacture of cortisol. Some of these plants and roots include Rhodiola Rosea, lemon balm, L-theanine, holy basil as well as numerous adaptogen bodies.

To get your cortisol levels balanced, it is recommended that you just take two Cortisync capsules daily, and watch your body flood with natural chemicals to get you the numerous benefits of cortisync.

High Cortisol Levels? No worries!

On the official website, you’d see promises that no matter if your cortisol levels are high; Cortisync should help you bring them back into a healthy range. Is this valid? Certainly!

CortiSync is highly recommended by Doctor Kaleb N Redden, DO who’s a sports medicine physician for Olympic, Professional and Semi-Professional athletes.

Dr. Redden bags lots of astounding credentials including DO, ABFP, CRP, CAQSM. If you didn’t know Dr. Redden by just his name, you probably know him by “Doc Thor” from The Titan Games which was hosted by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) for NBC.

If you’re curious, elevated cortisol levels are a problem as you can get conditions like Cushing syndrome. There are also links to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and bone loss according to mayo clinic.

All these are a result of things you didn’t necessarily pay attention to like stressful lifestyle conditions, and environmental variables. But, the good thing is, after only a few weeks of use of Cortisync, you can start noticing balanced cortisol levels and healthier wellbeing.

It won’t come as a surprise your doctor would recommend a supplement like Cortisync to balance those levels.

What are the Symptoms of High Cortisol Levels?

It’s one thing to read about cortisol levels, it’s another thing to actually know your cortisol level since most men rarely monitor their cortisol levels. In fact, you might never check your cortisol levels unless you get a specialized cortisol blood test.

You may have high cortisol levels if any of the following symptoms apply to you:

  • Fatigue, which includes feeling utterly spent or depleted during the day,
  • Weight growth, especially around the stomach, faces, and hips, as well as unexpected weight gain
  • Muscle weakness, such as a generalized feeling of weakness throughout the body and a protracted period of muscle recovery following an exercise
  • Mental haze, which includes trouble focusing, staying on task, and decreased productivity
  • Lack of motivation, including the inability to motivate oneself to exercise, leave the house, or carry out useful activities
  • Increased hunger, especially a desire for sweets and fatty meals

In addition to these symptoms, elevated cortisol levels can also cause problems with the sleep-wake cycle, panic episodes, mood swings, and sexual performance.

You might imagine that stress is a brain-specific cognitive phenomenon. Stress, however, has noticeable, tangible impacts on your body.

In addition to the early signs mentioned above, chronic high levels of stress can result in major health problems, cardiovascular problems, and even death if left untreated.  This is why getting a clinically tried doctor-recommended supplement like Cortisync is highly important.

Remember, cortisol is a necessary hormone that “affects practically every organ and tissue in your body,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. You just need to keep the levels balanced.

Stress – Unavoidable but Remediable

Staying stress-free is difficult, no matter how happy you feel your life currently is. You’re human and you would always deal with stressors at some point, whether mental stress or physical stress.

For instance, if you engage in physical exercises like running, weightlifting and others, you’d be undergoing physical stress and this can raise your blood pressure. On the other hand, if you’re getting stressed out with work, traffic delays or even relationship problems, those are mental stress.

The PrimeGENIX Cortisync is a doctor-recommended supplement to help in remedying any type of stress you might be experiencing.

Useful Techniques to Aid Relieve Stress

Trying out certain techniques and activities may be useful in relieving stress levels. For instance;

  • Yoga
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation

There are people who consider actions like exercising, eating healthy, and less caffeine intake alternatives for stress relief.

But, here’s the truth, it doesn’t matter how long you meditate or practice yoga – as Thanos says – it’s inevitable to experience some sort of physical and mental stress at certain times.

The best thing you can do is to take a dietary supplement like Cortisync to balance your cortisol levels and improve your health. This also significantly improves how your body reacts to different kinds of stressors.

It’s been clinically proven that Cortisync can aid in stress management without the need for time out of your day, new-age therapies, or giving up your favorite meals and beverages.

High Cortisol Levels’ Root Cause Addressed by Cortisync

Let’s talk about how Cortisync actually balances high cortisol levels. To do this, it targets the overactive adrenal glands that are the primary cause of excessive cortisol levels. This is why Cortisync is touted as the top 1% stress-reduction products on the market today.

Do you know that when your adrenal glands are operating at their peak, they release cortisol in healthy amounts? Well, now you know, this is a study conducted by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

The problem is always – stress. When you’re over-stressed, your adrenal glands become overactive, leading to your body being run over with cortisol.

Fighting a hyperactive adrenal gland with stress-reduction practices like yoga and meditation won’t help you control the surge in cortisol levels, but it might help you stay calm.

This is why using a supplement with adaptogens like Cortisyn is a must. The PrimeGENIX cortisync has adaptogens that can assist restore normal adrenal function for ideal cortisol levels:

Adaptogens are unique plants, herbs, and other organic substances that assist your body to become more resilient to stress.

Adaptogens can assist lower cortisol levels by improving your body’s capacity to handle stress.

According to studies, the adaptogens in Cortisync strengthen your adrenal glands, addressing the underlying reason for elevated cortisol.

Due to their potential benefits as natural stress management plants and herbs, several of the adaptogens in Cortisync have been used for generations. They may have a considerable effect on your stress and cortisol levels.

Ingredients in Cortisync

cortisync ingredients

Cortisync uses potent ingredients which have strong adaptogenic properties. The team behind Cortisync carefully selected seven of the finest ingredients which complement each other for efficacy.

These ingredients are plant-based and are tried and proven to address stress, cortisol, and adrenal health.

Read on to find out the adaptogens used in the making of this supplement, making it a sure means of normalizing cortisol levels by promoting adrenal health, which will aid you in controlling your stress response.

  1. Sensoril-Ashwagandha Root Extract :

Sensoril which is our first adaptogen is a powerhouse and has the most scientific support of all the ingredients.

There have been lots of successfully completed numerous clinical trials linking it to benefits such as managing cortisol levels and the stress response.

According to studies, Sensoril can aid with cortisol levels, sleep, and other things. Ashwagandha was taken by the company that makes Sensoril, who then concentrated it using a unique method to create the Sensoril composition.

These days, a lot of supplements contain Sensoril, which has potent effects on stress management. Ashwagandha naturally contains molecules that lower cortisol, and Sensoril increases these substances, supporting a variety of advantages.

 2. Holy basil

The list would not be complete without holy basil. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) therapy and is revered as a sacred plant.

Holy basil is a leafy green plant that has traditionally been valued for its ability to improve overall health and wellness.

According to studies, holy basil can protect against adrenal tiredness, control metabolic stress, and balance cortisol levels among other things.

3. L-Theanine

Another plant-derived ingredient that has calming and anti-anxiety properties is  L-theanine. This adaptogen is commonly found in green tea naturally and may counteract some of the negative effects of caffeine.

It increases alpha wave activity by crossing the blood-brain barrier, which has anti-aging properties and guards against age-related cognitive loss among other advantages.

4. Lemon Balm Extract:

If you have used sleep aid products, this is usually a common ingredient in them as well as all-natural calming remedies.

Lemon balm has been found in recent studies to support mood, cognition, relaxation, and alertness. Similar to L-theanine, lemon balm is associated with a relaxed state of alertness.

Unlike caffeine and melatonin, which both have jittery and drowsy side effects; lemon balm promotes calm focus and energy without these negative consequences.

5. Lychee Extract:

This is often referred to as lichi, and it is a well-known fruit that has been grown in tropical areas for generations.

It first came into use under the Roman Empire, when it was prized as a wonderful delicacy.

The fact that lychee contains micronutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, and K as well as other health-promoting elements has led to the discovery that it is a “cortisol balancing super fruit,” according to PrimeGENIX.

6. Magnolia Tree Extract:

The sixth adaptogen is the magnolia tree, which is grown all over the world for its therapeutic benefits. Researchers have discovered that the active components in magnolia make it simpler to relax and go to sleep. Magnolia may even help to reduce stress, according to certain research.

7. Rhodiola Rosea:

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most well-known adaptogens in the world. It’s also one of the adaptogens with the most study behind it.

According to studies, rhodiola can help you avoid feeling helpless in demanding circumstances. Rhodiola was actually utilized by Russian cosmonauts to increase cognitive function and lessen weariness.

Why Cortisync?

Each component of Cortisync has been demonstrated by PrimeGENIX to significantly lower cortisol on its own. But you can support even greater advantages by ingesting all seven components at once with just two pills of Cortisync.

Are there Scientific Backings of Cortisync’s Efficacy?

As you’d see on the official website, there are numerous studies cited that confirm that Cortisync will indeed balance cortisol levels and lessen stress.

For instance, Sensoril is one of the key ingredients of Cortisync and it has really high scientific support.

Sensoril is a patented powerful adaptogenic formula from a powerful adaptogenic plant. The Cortisync website cites research where Sensoril considerably outperformed a placebo in terms of stress management outcomes.

You can click here to check the website for further research about its efficacy or to purchase a bottle or two of Cortisync.

Summarily, Cortisync’s efficacy has yielded the following results during clinical tests:

  • Reduces stress by 62.2%.
  • 70% better sleep quality
  • 7x lessened fatigue
  • 91% better endothelial function
  • Doubled emphasis
  • Reduced cortisol by 15%, as opposed to a placebo, which increased cortisol by 4.4% during the same time.

All of these findings are based on 12 human clinical trials rather than one random clinical study.

To put it another way, Sensoril has been proven effective in numerous human studies in a variety of contexts, and these studies suggest that it may actually lower cortisol levels.

In a different Sensoril research, the substance decreased general daily stress by 62.2%. Participants exposed themselves to stress by performing squats and bench presses after taking 500mg of Sensoril. Stress levels were 62.2% lower in the Sensoril group than they were in the placebo group.

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Is CortiSync Safe to use?

First thing first, Cortisync is not the regular junk supplement shipped from overseas. This is a clinically tried and proven supplement with several human clinical tests performed. So, yes, it is safe to use.

All you have to do is follow the recommended dosage and you should be safe from any adverse effects as the supplement has already undergone a series of tests on both humans and animals before becoming available.

There are no side effects to using cortisync, but it is recommended for only adults. If you have any health condition or you are currently on medication and want to be sure it won’t cause a conflict, you should be sure to consult your doctor for advice.

Overall, Cortisync contains a combination of effective ingredients for managing stress that has been linked to benefits for anxiety, stress response, and other factors. The combination of ingredients supports your body’s reaction to mental and physical stressors, which may make it simpler to control cortisol levels.


How much is CortiSync? Pricing for Cortisync

The cost of Cortisync depends on how many bottles you’re choosing to commit to. But typically, it costs about $59.95 per bottle. If you choose to go with the three or six-bottle options, you’d get a serious price slash.

buy cortisync

The pricing breakdown for current online orders is as follows:

  • $59.95 plus shipping for a one-month supply (saving you $10)
  • $169.95 for a 3-month supply (saving you $39.90)
  • $319.95 for a 6-month supply plus free shipping to the USA (saving you $99.75)

Cortisync comes in bottles with a month’s worth of supplies in each (60 capsules / 30 doses). To help keep cortisol levels in check, you take two capsules every day.

Refund Policy for Cortisync

There is a 67-day money-back guarantee for Cortisync. Within 67 days of your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund with no questions asked.

Within 67 days of your purchase, you are eligible for a full refund if you are unhappy with Cortisync for any reason or find that utilizing the supplement did not significantly reduce your stress levels.

Final Thoughts

Fighting stress is a must if you want to maintain a healthy life, and this is why getting your cortisol levels balanced is highly recommended.

PrimeGENIX cortisync has been manufactured to help you avoid guesswork and keep your mental and physical well-being top-notch by balancing cortisol levels utilizing organic components.

All you’d need to do is to take advantage of active compounds like Sensoril in Cortisync, by taking two capsules daily to manage your body’s physical and mental stress response while balancing your cortisol levels and promoting a number of health benefits.

Visit the official website at to find out more about Cortisync and how it functions, or to get the cortisol supplement right now.

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