How Long Does It Take to Get Ripped?

Curious how long it takes to get ripped? Read-on, as we discuss getting ripped the healthy, fast, and efficient way.

New entrants into gyms or those embarking on the fitness journey usually become impatient as they exercise every day. When they don’t see the expected results, they start wondering or asking how long it takes to get ripped.

Since you want to know exactly how long it takes to get ripped, welcome to the right page. Read on in order to discover just how long it will take for you to get ripped.

How Long Does It Take to Get Ripped?

How Long Do I Have to Workout to Get Ripped?

The truth is that there is no straightforward answer to this question. The human body is unique and built differently. So the amount of time it will take Mr. A to get ripped will differ from how long it takes Mr. B to achieve the same result.

The road to a ripped body is heavily paved with several challenges that no one skips over. As mentioned earlier, every individual needs to build muscle at their own specific pace.

Those guys with superhero bodies at your local gym have been working at getting ripped for many years. Before getting that ripped physique you admire, they have put in the work, time, commitment, workouts, etc.

This is where your journey to getting ripped starts. You have to be ready or willing to invest time, commitment, and dedication to your body in order to become ripped.

How Long Will It Take to Get Ripped?

However, if you truly want to know how long it will take you to get ripped, there is a response that many fitness enthusiasts seem to agree with. Here it is: “The amount of time it takes you to reach 8 to 10 percent body fat while putting on a relatively decent amount of muscle mass is how long it will take you to get ripped.”

This is why you should never be taken in by YouTube videos that promise how you can get abs within 15 days, etc. Always remember that getting ripped is a long-term process.

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What Should I Focus On to Get Ripped?

Now that you know it takes time to get ripped, you can achieve the results you seek faster if you know what to do or focus on.

You only need to do 2 things remarkably well in order to get ripped: increase your muscle mass and significantly decrease your body fat percentage.

Let’s take a look at each of them briefly:

  •  Increasing Your Muscle Mass

In order to get the ripped look, you need to gain muscle mass. You should have a decent amount of muscle mass before starting your cutting plan. You can still look skinny even after getting your coveted abs.

But then, if you are obese or overweight – i.e., with a body fat percentage of over 20 percent – with almost zero muscle mass, your best bet is to opt for a fat loss plan.

  • Decreasing Your Body Fat Percentage

You can have those superhero muscles you seek. But this is practically impossible if a thick layer of body fat covers those muscles. No one will see those herculean muscles, not even you.

Therefore, it is highly essential to significantly minimize your body fat in order to get that dream ripped physique. Set your target on a single-digit body fat percentage or something less than 12 percent.

The less body fat percentage you have increases your chances of getting ripped.

Develop Your Getting-Ripped Strategy

To build a ripped body, you need 3 components: strength training, fat-burning, as well as nutrition. Go about them this way:

  • Strength-train all your major muscle groups not less than twice a week
  • Rest all muscle groups for a minimum of 48 hours before subjecting them to another round of intense strength-training activities.
  • Work to failure with proper or adequate form.

Performing resistance training – at least twice a week – offers superior hypertrophy – i.e., muscle growth. You may not get significant results if you train 3 times a week. This is because the entire muscle-building process usually occurs in-between workouts and not during the workouts themselves.

Use Intensive Pre-Train Pre-workout


A good pre-workout like intensive pre-train would set you leaps and bounds above your expectations as you would have the mental clarity, focus, energy, and faster absorption to get your workout kicking.

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Should You Rush Your Way to Get Ripped?

Do not rush your way to get ripped within a short period. Doing so will make you cut back your body fat too fast, and if it takes too long, you may become stressed.

Believe it or not, stress + fast fat loss will result in the melting of your muscles. Therefore, experts highly recommend avoiding this scenario.

Moreover, the more stress you pile on as you try to build your muscles quicker than you should, the fatter you will become. This will cause you to engage in more cutting phases and eventually spin your wheels in the local gym. This makes the entire process take much longer than it should.

But following a proven guide will drastically minimize the time it will take for you to get ripped. This is because you will know the exact steps to take, the activities you should focus on in the gym, and access to accountability and follow-up along the way.

Therefore, get your hands on a well-thought-out fitness plan. You will find lots of solid, science-backed information that outline the best workouts for rapid fat loss and muscle gains.

Use the information to create a nutrition and workout routine peculiar to you. This means that you won’t find sticking to your custom fitness routine too challenging.

Let nothing stop you from diving deeper in order to discover the many ways you can significantly improve your daily or weekly workouts, burn fat, and build muscle.

You may need to also persevere, especially when results are not too visible within the first few weeks. Your stick-to-itiveness must be top-notch and unwavering.

Stick to your custom workout plan while focusing on your goals every day. by the end of the fourth month of constant workouts, you will suddenly notice the significant changes that take place in your physique.


No one has the perfect answer to how long it will take to get ripped. However, the best answer is: “The amount of time it takes you to reach 8 to 10 percent body fat while putting on a relatively decent amount of muscle mass is how long it will take you to get ripped.”

This happens for different body types. Some may take longer than others, while others may achieve the ripped status within a few weeks. But don’t rush the process as this can be counterproductive.

However, it is safe to say that if you stick to working out consistently for at least 4 months, the changes you will notice will be significant. Therefore, train consistently, following a proven plan, and the results will amaze you!

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