Should I Workout My Abs If I Have Belly Fat?

Let’s discuss, should you workout your abs if you have belly fat? Continue reading to find out the best action to take.

Have you got belly fat and are wondering if working on them could give you abs? You are not alone. Many individuals who perform intense workouts may feel they are making some progress but cannot even see it as their abdominal muscles or abs are hidden under layers of fat.

It is possible to develop firm abs underneath the fat. The rectus abdominis is the core section that forms the highly coveted and conventional ‘6-pack’ look. These muscles could be strong, but all could be for nothing if they hide under subcutaneous or visceral fat.

This article answers the question: “Should I workout my abs if I have belly fat?” This will help you make an informed decision regarding your abs and belly fat and how you can deal with them.

Should I workout my abs if I have belly fat? Can Ab Workouts Burn Belly Fat?

According to fitness experts and healthcare professionals, it is practically impossible to spot-reduce fat in any area of the human body. This, of course, includes the belly area.

In other words, this implies that irrespective of the number of ab workouts you engage in every day or week, you won’t have that coveted flat belly you seek.

Many individuals erroneously believe that doing crunches, planks, as well as other intense ab exercises will help chase away fat in the belly region. But the truth is that ab workouts do not burn belly fat, and you won’t get a 6-pack.

Leg lifts, mountain climbers, etc., are excellent exercises that will help strengthen your core. But since your #1 goal is to lose belly fat, you should focus on lowering your body fat percentage.

What is Abs (Abdominal Muscles)?

Should I workout my abs if I have belly fat? Getting Abs

Abdominal muscles or abs help in stabilizing the core. They allow movement, assist your regular breathing, and ultimately protect those internal organs. They are also in charge of balance and postural support.

Four abdominal muscles make up your core:

  1. Rectus abdominis
  2. Internal oblique
  3. External oblique
  4. Transverse abdominis

Maintaining the strength in all the muscles that make up the core is crucial. Having strong abdominal muscles helps improve balance and posture. They also help increase flexibility, reduce back pain and other problems.

The Type of Fat You Need to Burn

Belly fat or excess abdominal fat is often linked to a high risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Not all abdominal fat is equal, as there are 2 distinct types:

  • Subcutaneous Fat

This is located right under your skin, and you can even pinch it. It is also located between your muscles and skin.

This type of fat is not directly associated with metabolic risk. Moderate amounts of subcutaneous fat will not increase your overall risk of disease.

  • Visceral Fat

On the other hand, this type of fat is usually located within the abdominal cavity, i.e., around your internal organs. It is hormonally active and releases several compounds that significantly influence many disease-related processes within the human body.

What You Need to Do to Lose Belly Fat

Should I workout my abs if I have belly fat?

According to exercise professionals, the first step to losing belly fat is to make some crucial lifestyle changes. Start by lowering your overall body fat by following a program that consists of healthy eating, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise.

Depending on your overall body type, it will take time to start seeing your strengthened abs. Research shows that hormones and genetics can readily impact how much fat you hold in your midsection.

However, if you stick to your new lifestyle changes and remain consistent, your ab definition will start showing when you have up to 17 percent body fat. That’s for men, but women’s ab definition will be visible when they have up to 24 percent body fat.

How You Can Lose Belly Fat

Focusing on spot reduction, as mentioned earlier, is nearly impossible and does not often yield results. But how can you lose belly fat, you ask?

The best way to lose belly fat is to train consistently within that zone that allows your body to burn off the most fat. The truth is that the specific style of training that works for you as you strive to get rid of belly fat may not work for another person.

In other words, the best way to lose belly fat is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Therefore, don’t be deceived or taken in by those who say performing high-intensity workouts is the best or most prominent way to burn belly fat.

This is not to downplay the effectiveness of high-intensity workouts. These types of exercises – such as sprinting, etc. – often use multiple groups of muscle all at once in most cases.

Most people decide to go the supplement route and use our top recommended belly fat burners to complement their workout routine.

Asides from fat burners, you should definitely consider taking protein powders for pre-workout like the recommendations below.

Protein Powders: Why You Need Tri-Protein by Crazy Nutrition and PhenQ Meal Shake

If you want to naturally hasten the fat-burning process in your body with zero side effects, Tri-Protein by Crazy Nutrition and PhenQ Meal Shake will be ideal choices.

Tri-Protein by Crazy Nutrition

Crazy Nutrition 100% tri-protein

100% Tri-Protein is a 6-in-1 protein powder developed by Crazy Nutrition. It is primarily designed to flood your entire system with protein but in 3 separate phases. These phases – i.e., the fast, medium, and slow – absorption processes allow your body to have enough protein for extended periods.

This maximizes your overall gain as Tri-Protein supplies your muscles with protein even after regular workouts. One serving of Tri-Protein has 21 grams of protein that energizes muscles, boosts muscle recovery and repair, and supports the rapid growth of muscles.

Tri-Protein has the following ingredients:

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Calcium caseinate
  • DigeZyme
  • Micellar casein
  • Whey protein

Since each bottle comes with a measuring cup, you won’t be at risk of under-dosing or overdosing yourself.

Tri-Protein is the ideal choice for those with zero milk intolerance (lactose intolerance). It is highly recommended that you consume Tri-Protein daily, even if you don’t train on specific days for maximum results.

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PhenQ Meal Shake

PhenQ complete meal replacement shakes for weight loss

PhenQ Meal Shake is a meal replacement formula. It is primarily designed to promote fat-burning, reduce food cravings, and boost energy. This meal shake is keto-friendly and fits well into any lifestyle as it is 100 percent plant-based. It doesn’t taste like chalk or leave you with an empty feeling after just a few minutes.

PhenQ Meal Shake is nothing but a complete meal plan with:

  • 13 grams of healthy fats obtained from natural MCT oils, adaptogens, and minerals
  • 16 grams of protein
  • 24 vitamins

PhenQ Meal Shake also contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha ® for energy, muscle, and mood recovery, as well as reishi mushroom for combatting inflammation and fatigue.

However, the star ingredient in PhenQ Meal Shake is InnoSlim ®, a clinically-studied, tried-and-tested patented component. InnoSlim ® boosts the human body’s natural AMPK response. This enables you to burn off fat very quickly, especially around your midsection or belly.

The following are ingredients in PhenQ Meal Shake

  • InnoSlim ® (250 mg)
  • Pea protein (12 g)
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha ® (300 mg)
  • MCT coconut oil (13 g)
  • Linseed flour (11 g)
  • Brown rice protein (1.5 g)
  • Reishi mushroom extract (100 mg)
  • Hemp protein (1.5 g)
PhenQ meal shake

PhenQ Meal Shake also has up to 24 vitamins and minerals, sodium chloride, reduced fat cocoa powder, sucralose (as a sweetener), and choline bitartrate.

All ingredients are backed by science. PhenQ Meal Shake can be used to replace an entire meal.

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So, should you work out your abs if you have belly fat? Yes, you should. But you need to make a few lifestyle changes and focus only on exercise regimes that work well for your body type for maximum results.

Using Tri-Protein by Crazy Nutrition and PhenQ Meal Shake will hasten fat-burning processes in your body. Using these products as recommended will make your abs defined and visible, having burned off all visceral fat in a matter of weeks.

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