How To Slim Down In 2 Days For An Event Quickly

How to slim down in 2 days for an event

Okay, so I see a lot of people ask ‘what is the fastest way to lose weight for an event?’

Well, today’s post is about losing weight fast (you’ll learn how to slim down in 2 days for an event), especially if you have an important occasion you need to attend and want to go with that banging body. Also, if you stick around till the end, I’ll share with you Dawn’s life-changing story!

How can I lose weight in 2 days for my big event?

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So, the big question is ‘how can I lose weight in 2 days?’, it might seem like something out of the ordinary, but for sure it’s doable. However, most health experts won’t advise you to do this. Instead, they would advise you to follow it up gradually.

Anyway, let’s talk about how to slim down in 2 days for an event. What you must do get that banging body ready for your impromptu occasion.

FastTrack Weight Loss. How To Slim Down In 2 Days For An Event

Although weight loss is a gradual process, certain times you need to take extreme measures because of the urgency f the situation.

As long as you’re ready to put in the work, you need not worry about coming to your important occasion looking twice your weight (even if it’s water weight).

With time not on your side and your mind racing about one or two things you should have done to lose the water weight you gained, you’d start doubting yourself and losing your self esteem.

You got everything covered on time from styling your hair, getting a great cologne or makeup, clothes or shoes for the big event, but missing out one thing that’s super important – your weight!

Bringing yourself to the realization that you need to shed that weight quickly, you’re panicking and thinking of a way out of this dilemma.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, well, help is on the way. This post will help you on your urgent weight loss journey. I will explain and help you lose water weight fast.

Of course you should be ready to change your diet and exercise seriously to achieve this weight loss in 2 days. Ready to make the needed changes to shed a pound or two in 2 days especially if you have a big event coming up?

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How to Achieve Weight Loss in Days

There are several ways you can cut down per day, including altering your diet so that you will lose the excess water that causes bloating, thereby helping you to feel and look more trim. This will also work if it’s thigh fat you’re trying to cut down at home or a long term plan to chop down calories.

To slim down or reduce fat in 2 days for an event requires discipline, exercise, and a restricted diet. But how can you apply these to reach your aim? You’ll have to follow these simple steps;

  • Restrict your diet
  • Make a 2-day lifestyle adjustment
  • Undergo a 2-day intensive workout plan

How many pounds can I lose fasting for 2 days?

Intermittent fasting for two days can help you lose up to 3 pounds. Although, health experts may advise you to eat less meals per day instead of dismissing your meals entirely.

How can I lose 2 to 5 pounds in 2 days?

Follow the tips outlined below to trim down a few pounds in no time for that important event.

Restrict Your Diet

Reduce How Much Carbohydrates You Consume

Carbohydrates are known to help the body with water retention and gain weight rapidly. The excess water molecules can make you look bloated.

The fastest way to lose such unwanted and unhealthy weight is to cut down on carbohydrate intake.

Foods such as vegetables, dairy, starch-containing foods, and fruits all contain a percentage of carbohydrates.

It doesn’t mean you have to cut these foods out completely but focus more on the ones with other nutrients like dairy products and vegetables.

The others should be consumed in moderation. Do this and in less than two days you would see a reduction in your abdomen size, bloating, and overall size.

Focus More On Proteins Especially Lean Proteins

If you are looking to lose weight real quick, your emergency diet plan should focus more on low-carb vegetables and lean protein.

Foods such as spinach, scrambled eggs, cheese, kale salad, fat-free yogurt, chicken stir fry mixed with snap peas and onions, hard-boiled eggs, and almonds are all good sources of lean protein and low-carb vegetables.

Cut Down On The Salt Intake

Do you know that the more salt you eat, the more your body’s water retention and bloating?

If you are serious about losing all that weight ahead of your all-important event in 2 days, you should stay away from foods that are rich in sodium, processed meat, canned foods, salsa, ketchup, and frozen food.

Also when you’re cooking, do well not to add as much salt as you would when nothing was at stake.

Avoid Gas-Producing Veggies

Veggies like beans, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, onions, and cauliflower cause a lot of gas to be produced in the body thereby causing bloating.

If you replace them with healthier veggies like eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, and green beans, your body will show gratitude by looking trim in less than 2 days. You can also try greek yogurt, fruit juices, and lots of items with low calories.

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How much weight can you lose in 2 days?

The question of how much you can lose in 2 days is understandable. But do remember that several factors affect the number of pounds you can lose. One of which is your zeal, the second is your body type.

However, on average, you should expect to lose between 1 to 5 pounds in 2 days if you follow the instructions outlined, which includes making lifestyle changes like I’ll be breaking down below.

Don’t forget that your look and feel will be deeply influenced by your body’s metabolism.

Make a Two-Day Lifestyle Adjustment for Fast Trimming

Your sort of lifestyle may have been the reason for your unsightly weight gain and losing all that weight in a matter of days will need you to make serious adjustments. First of all, you should;

Do Away With Your Carbonated Drinks And Chewing Gum

Carbonated drinks cause bloating as do chewing gums. You want to lose water and air in your body, not increase its intake. When you chew gums, you’re forced to swallow air which in turn worsens the bloating.

To shed that weight, you should stick with decaf coffee or tea, flavored water, or just drink water and do away with any carbonated drink. Instead of chewing gums, you should use mouthwash or floss to make your breath better.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep, just like exercise helps to re-energize you by eliminating all the stress, and help you feel good. And if you must lose that weight on time for the event, you need at least 9 hours of sleep every night.

Sleep is important in your emergency weight loss journey because it helps keeps you away from your unhealthy cravings.

Always De-Stress Yourself

The need to shed weight in a few days can be stressful. Stress makes you fatigued and more prone to over-eating. The best way to tackle this is to de-stress yourself and drink water.

But how do you de-stress? There are several things you can do to de-stress including;

  • Take a long relaxing walk.
  • Read an interesting book or listen to your favorite songs.
  • Do some meditation too.

All these activities will help you feel better and keep up your cortisol hormone levels and eliminate stress.

Undergo a 2-day Intensive Workout Plan


Your workout plan is also an important part you should never overlook especially for emergency weight loss feats like this. Of course, for any serious work out session, you need supplements to get you up to speed. I’ll recommend this cutting stack from Crazy Bulk.

If you’re serious about dropping weight quickly, your system needs exercise, even if you are cutting low on your calorie intake. By working out, you would eliminate excess fluids in your body via sweating so you can look trim and fit.

Health professionals recommend walking 10,000 steps daily and if you want to monitor how you are faring, you can purchase a pedometer and attach it to your cloth.

One of the best times to workout is in the evening too. You can read about the benefits of evening workouts here.

Toning Exercises

Who doesn’t like to look toned? Everyone does. And that is why you must add toning exercises to your plan, as it will not just help you lose weight but look fit and firm before your big event.

Do legs, arms, and abs workout and they should be done a day before and on the D-day of the event. You would feel that your body retains that toned look for longer and in a short time.

Recommended exercises include arm and bicep curls, lunges, squats, tricep dips, crunches, hanging leg lifts, and lateral raises. You must also consider your outfit while working out.

For instance, if you are going to be putting on a t-shirt that will expose your arms or stomach, you should focus on those places for a stronger impression.

Do A High-Intensity Cardio On Day One

High-intensity interval training can help you get rid of excess calories and fluids and make you look trim for your big day.

Researchers say they can keep burning excess calories in your body even after 24 hours! Thus adding an interval of high-density training on the first day of your diets would go a long way in eliminating unpleasant fat in your system in 2 days or more.

You can do this exercise by sprinting for 2 minutes followed by 3 minutes of jogging. Repeat the cycle for 30 minutes before going to rest.

Wrapping it all up…

If you are looking for how to slim down in 2 days for an event, this guide will point you in the right direction. It’s not really a herculean task to lose up to 5 pounds in a couple of days before an event.

All you need is to put in the work and you should notice you have shed a few pounds to fit properly into your event dress/suit.

Even if you’re currently bloated and you are beginning to get worried about your look for your big event, don’t fret. Two days is still a lot of time.

All you need to do is pick up the challenge, with the above techniques (especially your eating habits – well, diet and exercise), you should be able to get rid of some fat from your body, steal the show, and get showered with attention and compliments.

Do remember that long term plans for your fitness lifestyle are important. Keep drinking water (not excess water though), take vegetable juices and green healthy diets.

Oh! You stuck around. Well, you would be thrilled to find out how Dawn transformed her life after hitting the big 50 and went 12 dresses down from losing over 70 pounds in just four months.

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