Should I Take Fat Burners On Non workout Days? 2021 Guide

Ever stayed up wondering ‘should I take fat burners on non workout days?’

Well, the answer is simple: yes, it’s not a bad idea to take them on non-workout days.

Fat Burners Do a Lot within the Body

Fat burners are supplements that contain ingredients aimed at boosting vitality and catabolism within the body.

Depending on the fat burner you opt for, the urge to eat might be significantly affected – a ploy that helps the body breakdown some of its fat deposits. Regardless, fat burners are more effective when accompanied by exercises.

Taking fat burners on non-workout days does help, but this isn’t comparable to what you’d get if you took these supplements during workout days.

Fat burners, when consumed on your rest days, can help deplete your calorie content, disrupt the urge for food intake, and improve your energy status while keeping your body mass in check.

Most fat burners contain β-hydroxy-β-methyl butyrate (HMB), a substance that’s known for most of the effects of these supplements. The reason why fat burners are more potent during workout days than your rest days is down to the activity of HMB.

Consuming fat burners during workout days delivers all the awesome benefits sought by the fitness buff such as muscle building, less susceptible to fatigue, and more. This is thanks to the HMB content of the fat burner.

By taking this supplement during your rest days, HMB consolidates on the dividends of the workout days. Muscle mass gains are preserved as HMB works against their catabolic breakdown.

Besides their HMB content, fat burners also depend on other ingredients such as chromium and capsaicin to bring about certain effects, especially when taken during your rest days.

These items – chromium and capsaicin – are responsible for curbing your food cravings, amplifying your energy levels, and regulating the activities of hormones involved in blood sugar levels.

Fat burners also contain nutrients for rejuvenating your body after your workout routine. This makes it a good idea to take these supplements during rest days as well.

If you intend to take fat burners during non-workout days, then you might want to avoid those containing stimulants. These can diminish whatever progress was recorded during the workout days.

Fat burners containing stimulants put your body under undue stress with little to show for it.

While you’re contemplating using fat burners during non-workout days, have a plan for weaning your body off the supplement.

The human body is notorious for getting comfy with items consumed. This is why you need more than the first dose to get the same effect when taking the same item later.

That familiarity between the body and fat burner builds so fast that these supplements don’t elicit the desired result after that initial dosage.

Often, when this happens, the general reaction by most people is to increase the number of fat burners they take. While this might get them the result they seek, the effect is often short-lived as the body’s adaptive mechanism kicks in.

Stimulants in a fat burner is a no-no

Like everything else, taking fat burners rich in stimulants starts all rosy. You’re alert, bustling with energy, and raring to go.

Down the line, things go pear shape. Your adrenals get tired of pushing out fight/flight hormones regularly.

Metabolism takes a hit and drops massively. Fat deposits begin to spring up as they’re not burnt out anymore. Of course, weight gain happens. Thus, the fat burner becomes your worse nightmare.

Never Become Dependent On Fat Burners

While fat burners do augment the body’s efforts in losing weight, you shouldn’t become reliant on them.

When you use fat burners over a long period, their effects diminish over time as the body gets used to them. And if a fat burner contains stimulants, then it’s a much worse situation.

Know When To Use Fat Burners

These supplements weren’t made to be taken casually. There should be an intention and action plan guiding the use of fat burners.

To get the desired result – curb fat build-up, stifle appetite and improve vitality – the intake of fat burners has to be adequately timed.

Since the efficacy of fat burners relies on the effort of your body, you’re better served taking these supplements during workout days. Of course, this doesn’t diminish the effect that fat burners deliver when taken during non-workout days.

When using fat burners during non-workout days, it’s more effective to take these supplements early in the day. This sets the mood for the rest of the day as the fat burner ensures every little effort results in maximum gains.

When you take fat burners early in the day, these supplements can regulate the activities of certain hormones involved in the release or absorption of sugar in the blood. This little action could make all the difference in your urge for food.

Taking fat burners on off days could make all the difference between massive gains and the unpleasant result you don’t want.

So, Should You Take Fat Burners on Non-Training Days?

Of course, you should. And below are salient reasons why:

You Get All the Nutrients Needed For Recuperation

Fat burners aren’t just about depleting your fat reserves. These supplements are loaded with nutrients that help get your body on track after those long exhausting workout sessions.

A popular ingredient in fat burners is HMB. The organic substance is renowned for its remedial effects on muscle tissues, which helps improve muscular well-being after a strenuous workout. 

Bolster Your Energy Level

Besides reducing the fat buildup in your body, a fat burner can take your energy level to a higher one.

These supplements can achieve this by helping the body convert fatty deposits into energy-providing glucose. This explains why taking fat burners early on in the day are a good thing. 

Curb Your Cravings

On non-workout days, there might be a massive urge by your body to eat all sorts of food in an attempt to regain lost weight. Fortunately, by taking fat burners, you can rein in on such undesired cravings.

Burns Accumulated Fat Slowly But Surely

The modus operandi of the average fat burner is to increase metabolic rate while elevating the average temperature of your body. Of course, this is all tied to the components of the fat burner.

For those containing items like forskolin, you can expect an increase in body temperature, resulting in the gradual breakdown of stored fat – remember heat works wonders on fat depots.

When you take fat burners during non-workout days, they help wear off fat deposits, albeit at a slow pace.

Effective Natural Fat Burners

Most synthetic fat burners have a poor reputation. They’re often not as effective as the manufacturers and influencers claim. Anyway, why go through all that hassle of getting a synthetic fat burner when nature has you covered? Yes, you read that right, there are natural fat burners capable of helping in your fight against fat buildup.

Here are some of these natural fat burners:

Green tea

This is one of the few natural fat burners that’s truly effective against the buildup of fat. Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG, and both do an awesome job of breaking down fat deposits within the body.

Caffeine might have a poor reputation for fat burning, but the stimulant does help warm up the body, resulting in a gradual breakdown of fat. Add EGCG to the equation, and you are well on the way to getting rid of unpleasant fat buildup.

To get the desired result by using green tea, then consuming multiple cups is important, at least three cups every day.


If you’re looking for a way to burn fat while staying healthy, you might want to up your protein powder intake. The food item curbs fat buildup by increasing your body’s metabolism and arresting food cravings.

Beyond its highlighted means of fat burning, protein powders tend to regulate the activities of certain hormones such as ghrelin, CCK, and GLP-1.

If you can’t stick to a proteinous diet alone, then protein powder is a viable option for fat burning.

Soluble fiber

Though not famed for its fat-burning capabilities, soluble fiber has been proven to help reduce the buildup of fat. This is actualized through the fiber’s firm grip on your appetite since soluble fiber forms a thick mix with water within the GIT.

Soluble fiber, like protein, regulates the activities of hormones renowned for their role in a person’s food cravings. Hormones like GLP-1, PYY, and Ghrelin are common examples.

Another reason why soluble fiber appears effective in fat burning is its ability to stall the digestive phase – nutrient transport – so you don’t feel hungry over an extended period.

To complement its fat-burning efforts, soluble fat keeps out a significant amount of calories so that most don’t get into the bloodstream.


Nature’s support for fitness is reinforced through the presence of Yohimbine, an organic substance that is found in the PausinystaliaYohimbe tree.

While the use case of Yohimbine can be put to debate, its fat-burning tendencies are never in doubt.

The organic matter’s fat-burning potentials are mostly neurotransmitter-like in function as it covers the receptor sites on the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, resulting in a prolonged adrenal action.

Of course, this means fat burning goes on in the background as well as other adrenaline-related actions. These manifest as side effects such as nausea, hypertension, anxiety. Is the use of Yohimbine worth its baggage? You decide.

Other Natural Compounds with fat-burning potential include:

Conjugated Linoleic acids (CLA)

These are omega-6 fatty acids packed with fat-burning capabilities. However, the actual fat burning path taken by these organic compounds is shrouded in mystery.


This amino acid can help check your fat buildup by reducing your food cravings. 5-HTP’s fat curbing prowess is only constrained by its interfering nature.


The presence of this organic substance in oranges hasn’t gone unnoticed as it’s currently considered to have fat-burning potential. However, Synephrine use as a fat burner is yet to be fully accepted by the scientific community.

Top Fat Burning Pills and Supplements with Natural Ingredients

Our favorite fat burning pills and supplements that contain some of these natural fat burners in adequate proportion include:


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Trimtone (for women)



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Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to burn fat within a specific period, you might need a little push to get you over the finish line – and fat burners can provide that push.

You can take them during non-workout days, but you shouldn’t make them – especially the synthetic type – a habit. The natural fat burners might be slow to action, but most are free of unpleasant side effects, making them the ideal choice for anyone with a long-term target.

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