Does Pre-Workout Go Bad?

Let’s discuss, does pre-workout go bad? Continue reading and you’ll find out if these supplements have a maximum shelf-life and expire.

Let’s say it’s that time of the year when you need to hit the gym and burn off all the fat you accumulated over the Christmas holidays. You need that special effect that makes you give your best during workouts. So, you dig around and suddenly come across an old pre-workout tube. The tub’s heft shows that some supplements are still remaining inside.

You become elated but suddenly do a double-take. What if the pre-workout supplement is way past its expiry date? Do pre-workout supplements go bad? After all, most supplements are supposed to have a long-lasting shelf life, but you are not 100 percent sure.

If this is you, and this question has been on your mind for some time, you can take a breather. This write-up will answer your question and even recommend a viable option you should consider.

What You Need to Know About Your Pre-Workout

If you are looking for a legitimate way to boost focus and energy right before hitting the gym for an intense workout session, pre-workouts are excellent choices.

Pre-workouts help enhance performance by increasing training volume. They also help in accelerating the rate at which you lose fat.

Pre-workouts are available in various forms, such as drinks, powders, or even tablets. The overall effect of pre-workouts usually lasts from 3 to 6 hours. This, of course, depends significantly on the product.

Although different pre-workouts are composed of a wide variety of ingredients, most of them generally contain the following:

  • Caffeine
  • Amino acids
  • Beta-alanine
  • Creatine

Since you use pre-workouts to significantly enhance your performance during exercise, knowing when and if they have gone bad is highly essential.

Does Pre-workout Go bad? That is, Can Pre-Workouts Expire?

Make no mistake about it: pre-workouts can expire or go bad. This can even happen long before the product’s expiry date. In many cases, this is due to poor or improper storage or if the seal used in keeping the tub air-tight is broken.

Pre-workouts can also go bad if they come with some specific ingredients. For instance, pre-workout products composed of glycerol – the notorious absorber of moisture – and fish oil or fatty acids can go off over time.

Storing your pre-workouts anyhow can affect the products. For instance, your pre-workout product can expire if you leave it somewhere muggy and humid. You will experience the same outcome if you leave the product in a hot car. This causes harmful bacteria – and other things – to grow and then accumulate over the remnants.

How Can I Know My Pre-Workout Has Gone Bad?

You can easily tell if your pre-workouts have gone bad. Check out the date on the tub’s label.

But what if something happened, and that part of the label has been torn off or smudged? This can prevent you from catching sight of the expiry date.

However, you don’t have to worry. There are other ways to detect if your pre-workout supplements have expired.

  • Changes in Color

When your pre-workout supplements expire, they may change color or fade over time. This is usually caused by exposure to humidity or heat. It could also be due to contamination with mold or bacteria.

  • A Different Taste

Your pre-workout supplement will taste differently after its expiry date. This may be caused by one or several ingredients that have gone rancid, oxidized, or decomposed.

  • Smell

One of the first – and major – things you need to note when opening a new tub of your pre-workout is its typical smell. Get familiar with that smell.

This makes it easier to notice that your pre-workout has gone bad. Expired pre-workout supplements tend to have a stale or foul smell. This is the product’s usual indication that the tub has been open for far too long.

  • Clumpiness

Clumpy pre-workout products are an indication of bacteria growth. Your pre-workout supplements may have gone bad if it dries too quickly, clumpy, or become a pretty solid mass.

  • It Stops Mixing Well

Another excellent indicator of a pre-workout product gone bad is when it no longer mixes easily. In most cases, mixing pre-workouts will only require a shaker and a small ounce of your energy.

But if you suddenly discover that the powder remains somewhat unmixed, leaving a chalky texture, it means you need to get rid of that expired product fast.

  • Irritability or Unpleasant Sensations

If you use your pre-workout supplements and start experiencing stomach or throat irritation, resulting in nausea or other unpleasant sensations, it could be that the product has expired.

  • Mold

This should be an apparent sign that your pre-workout product is no longer capable of delivering the experience you need.

Molds develop when the product is stored improperly or in a damp place. You can easily get some nasty food poisoning if you use that product.

You may also experience something of a drop in performance when working out in the gym. This may also indicate that you need to change your pre-workout product.

Can I Take Expired Pre-Workout Safely?

The very short answer to that question is an emphatic ‘No,’ and here’s why.

The potency of every ingredient that makes up the pre-workout starts diminishing over time. If you use the supplement, the ingredients may alter the natural process in your body. This will, in turn, affect how your entire workout goes.

Secondly, using an expired pre-workout product poses a health risk that can be severe in the long run. Some expired ingredients may turn into toxic chemical compounds that will wreak havoc in the human body when consumed in large quantities.

This is why these products come with an expiration date. You are expected to have exhausted your pre-workouts supplements long before their expiry date.

How Can I Prevent My Pre-Workout from Going Bad?

Do not unseal the tub until you are 100 percent ready to use the pre-workout product. The air-tight seal of the tub locks in freshness. Breaking the seal unintentionally is a recipe for spoilage.

Secondly, close the lid tightly after each use. This prevents excess moisture from getting into the tub. Thirdly, store the product in a cool place away from moisture.

Finally, work out regularly and use it. This makes it easier to avoid the pain of disposing of an expired product you purchased with your hard-earned money.

The Highly Recommended Pre-Workout Option:

Intensive Pre-Train by Crazy Nutrition
Intensive Pre-Train-Crazy-Nutrition - does pre-wworkout go bad?

But is there a product that has a long-lasting shelf life that you don’t need to worry about it getting spoilt if left unused for a long time?

Fortunately for you, there is. It is called ‘Intensive Pre-Train,’ a product developed by Crazy Nutrition (read our full review here).

Intensive Pre-Train is an ingredient-laden, long-lasting pre-workout product that provides that energy boost you need during exercises in the gym. It eases fatigue and is devoid of any stimulants.

Intensive Pre-Train is a beautiful and creative blend of 19 scientifically proven ingredients. Every ingredient has been clinically proven to exhibit ergogenic properties.

Some of these ingredients include:

  • Taurine
  • Glycerol Monostearate
  • Beta-Alanine
  • EnXtra®
  • KSM-66 (Ashwagandha Extract)
  • Gluconolactone, etc.

Pre-Train by Crazy Nutrition helps to do the following:

  • Enhance muscle strength
  • Boosts endurance
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Increases focus

You should consider getting your hands on Pre-Train by Crazy Nutrition. It has an excellent shelf life. You will also be amazed by the results of taking these supplements during your workouts.

If you hit the gym at least 3 days every week, your pre-workout product will never expire.


You don’t have to allow your pre-workout supplements to expire before realizing how valuable it is. But if they have expired, you should never use the product again. This is to avoid the severe health implications it may have.

You can prevent your product from going bad if you work out at least three days each week. This is why you should consider getting Pre-Train by Crazy Nutrition. This powerful product is a blend of 19 ingredients and zero stimulants.

The results of using this pre-workout supplement consistently will amaze you! Click here to get Intensive Pre-Train at the best pricing on the market!

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