PhenQ Supplement Review – #1 Ultimate Weight Loss Pill 2021

Want to buy PhenQ pills but need reassurance that you’re on the right track? This review covers everything you need to know about the widely popular PhenQ weightloss diet pills.


Did you know that the American weight loss industry grew by 4.1% in 2018 and is currently worth $7.2 billion?

Also, did you know that the industry is calculated to increase annually by 2.6% from now till 2023?

Since the weight loss industry is on a steady rise there have been thousands of products that are made with the promise of helping people lose weight which has become a thing of concern.

Are these ‘Miracle’ Pills worth it?

The greatest worry about these products is if they deliver on their promised potency. A lot of people consume weight loss pills and become more depressed than they were before the purchase because they feel duped – spending hundreds and thousands of bucks on a product that doesn’t work.

However, some products are actually worth the money because they work.  One foremost weight loss product that delivers is PhenQ. In this review, we’ll be looking at PhenQ supplement. What it is, components, how effective it is, if there are side effects to be wary of, among other things.

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What is PhenQ

PhenQ is a dietary supplement produced by Wolfson Berg Lab Limited. A company made up of exceptional nutritionists, fitness experts, and health consultants. PhenQ was developed after a series of clinical research and experiments, leading to the discovery of the potent weight loss pill now taken by hundreds of thousands of overweight people worldwide.

Although PhenQ is relatively a newcomer in the weight loss market, its potency and reliability have caused it to achieve more than 250,000 loyal and happy customers in such a short time.

PhenQ functions as an appetite suppressor helping you to eat much less food while discouraging the production of fats. It also burns any excess available fat and promotes body vitality – which makes the supplement a great choice for healthy and long term weight loss and body fitness.

Does it contain chemicals?

No. PhenQ is made from purely natural extracts and doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic chemical components. That is also a good reason to pick this supplement.

PhenQ Ingredients

Prominent amongst the ingredients of PhenQ are the following; L-carnitine, Capsimax powder, Chromium, and Caffeine.


This amino acid can be found in vegetables, nuts, and especially in meat. It has several benefits to the body in the journey to a healthy weight loss.

Capsicum Powder

Capsimax Powder sounds scary, doesn’t it? But do not fret. It is just a type of pepper. It is thermogenic that increases the heat of the body which directly affects it’s the metabolic process and hence burns excess fat.

In another way, capsicum powder helps you to eat less – this isn’t rocket science though. Take for example, in the summer, people have less desire for high-calorie foods and prefer to eat more veggies and fruits.


Chromium is an effective ingredient in the management of body sugar. It attracts the sugar we consume and transports them to the other cells in the form of energy for body daily activities.


Caffeine is an indispensable ingredient for weight loss. While it helps to elevate body metabolism and causes more expulsion of fats, it can also help you to feel full for longer, thereby discouraging indiscriminate consumption of high-calorie foods.

It can be clearly understood that all the essentials for a healthy and effective weight loss process have been brought together in one single dietary supplement – PhenQ.


Not many people know this ingredient. Discovered in Mexico, this ingredient contains fiber and it is extracted from the cactus plant. The fiber aids food digestion and gives you a full feeling so you won’t desire food for longer periods.

PhenQ best over the counter weight loss pills and supplement

Pros and Cons of PhenQ

After many successful weight loss testimonies from users of PhenQ and prolonged research and collation of results, these are some of the pros of purchasing the supplement:


  • Made from purely natural ingredients that don’t have any toxic after-effects.
  • It is quick straightforward and easy to administer – just one tablet daily.
  • PhenQ contains 60 tablets and with the dosage of 2 supplements daily, it can last for up to one month, hence helping you to save more money.
  • The supplement possesses a 3 in 1 action – suppresses desire for food, upholds and maintains body vitality as well as help it burn excess fat through metabolic elevation.


  • Forgetting to take this supplement for even 1 day might interrupt the whole cure process and impact results negatively.
  • You must be conscious of how and what you eat. You no longer have the liberty to eat what you like and this might be a serious problem for some people.

PhenQ is a natural dietary supplement that produces some serious reactions that complement each other towards helping you become more lean and fit, for your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions about PhenQ

It is normal for quite normal for buyers willing to part with their hard-earned money to inquire a little more about the product they are buying.

To this end, potential PhenQ buyers can take a look at some of the regular questions that previous buyers have asked before settling with PhenQ diet pills, and answers we feel does justice to their queries.

Will This Formula Be Effective on Everyone?

As stated earlier, PhenQ has more than 250,000 happy users who have already achieved their dream weight. This means people who make use of this supplement are more likely to attain a healthy weight loss than those who don’t. 

However, the manufacturers offer buyers a 60-day money-back guarantee so they can buy with confidence.

How Long Can I Use a Bottle of this Supplement?

A bottle of PhenQ contains 30 tablets and the recommended dosage is 2 tablets per day. Which means a bottle of the supplement should last for 30 days or one month.

Will a Single Bottle Help Me Achieve Weight Loss?

Yes! Especially for people whose problem is just to shed a small amount of fat.

However, an average or typical buyer often needs to do away with more than just a few pounds. For such people, ordering more than one bottle (maybe two or three) would do the trick.

Customers buying more than two bottles can save a lot as they would be getting three bottles for as much as the money for two and five for the same priceas three.

Do I Need a Prescription to Administer PhenQ?

No. You need prescriptions when you want to administer drugs. However, since PhenQ is just a dietary supplement, it doesn’t require any doctor’s prescription.

Is a Specific Cycle Necessary for PhenQ?

Some supplements need to be discontinued after the results have been attained due to the hard substances contained in them.

However, that isn’t the case with PhenQ. Since it contains natural ingredients, you can continue to use it for as long as you want without side effects. You must also note that interruption of the daily dosage might have adverse effects on the desired results.

Can I get PhenQ at Brick and Mortar Stores?

No. You can’t get PhenQ to buy at pharmacies, offline shops, or on just any other online store that isn’t the official website of the manufacturers

Even if you find PhenQ on eBay or Amazon, it is most likely to be a substandard product and an outright fake! Only purchase PhenQ through the official website here!

Every order would be delivered in a matter of days.

Can Birth Control Pills be used simultaneously with PhenQ?

Yes. PhenQ is a natural supplement and doesn’t contain ingredients that will interferewith or ruin the effectiveness of your birth control pills.

What is the Price of PhenQ?

PhenQ provides value for a reasonable price. An average bottle costs between $50- $70. You can confirm at the official website.

However, as stated earlier, you can save more by ordering bulk. You can order for 2 at $140 and you’ll get an extra bottle free.

You can also pay $190 for three bottles and you’d get an additional 2! That means you have enough PhenQ supplement to last for 5 months for just $190!

PhenQ 3-in-1 Effects

As stated earlier, PhenQ possesses a power-packed 3-in-1 effect that has made it the darling of many loyal customers. These three effects are appetite suppressing, fat burning, and body vitality maintenance in the same bottle! Let’s shed some light on these.

Appetite Suppressor

From the moment you decide to lose weight, it seems the whole universe would be working against you. Several temptations from your friends and families will arise as you might be tempted to share in their cake, chocolate, sweets, and more.

Funny thing is, just one bite from these snacks and you’re done for! There can not be any holding back at that point.

However, with PhenQ, you can considerably overcome such temptations. You can’t avoid them though, you may just succumb sometimes (cusman, it’s hard to turn cakes and chocolate down), but on the whole, you won’t have much appetite for eating all the time and that is a great step towards weight loss.

Renewed Vitality!

Some persons need several cups of coffee in the morning to have enough energy to face the day. Some people indulge in pastries and they claim they need to replenish their energy storage for daily performance.

Interestingly, with just 2 tablets of PhenQ for the day, you would have all the body vitality and energy you need for that day.

It is a complement for the reduced appetite so you do not slump on your work table.

Fat Burner

This is the ultimate reason most people opt for PhenQ diet pills. If you still have those excess fats in your body, you will never look leaner than you do now.

For PhenQ, burning fat is easy as it increases body metabolism, and shuts out the storage of new fats. The fat-burning effects of PhenQ are often obvious after the first 15 days of the treatment.  If you’re considerably fat, you may have to buy more than one bottle.

However, you may continue to use the drug till whenever you like as it doesn’t pose any negative effects from continuous use.

For the Best Results

PhenQ isn’t a magical fix when overweight. You have to do some little work to make your dreams come true. People really serious about losing weight, as well as bodybuilders, are to get the best from PhenQ.

However, folks with health issues, especially relating to heart diseases may have to consult a dietician or healthcare professional before using this supplement.

So, what do you have to do to get the best results from PhenQ?

  • Pay attention to your diet

More than 60% of your weight loss success or failure depends on your diet. Even if you spend hours in the gym and still consume high carbs diet like sugar, bread, and others, you will less likely achieve your dream body.

You need to pay attention to your diet today if you’re serious and want the best results from your PhenQ supplement.

  • Daily Exercise is Paramount

You’re not compelled to spend hours in the gym. Daily Exercise, in this case, entails at least a 20-minute brisk walking every day after your dinner or some HIIT workout in the morning before you start your day. This will rev your body’s metabolism into a fat-burning mode.

  •  A journal comes in Handy

Tracking the things you eat is easy with mobile applications like Noom. You can also use Fitbit to make sense of all the data as it calculates your energy intake and output for the day.

Why PhenQ in a Nutshell

PhenQ is our number one recommendable supplement for weight loss, especially if you’re looking for a diet pill you can order from the comfort of your home.

Over the relatively few years of its existence, it has won over the hearts of many and is still expanding its customer base.

Its many advantages do not match the token paid for it and the amount of money that can be saved for buying bulk makes the offer better.

If you have tried other products (of course there are hundreds of them in the market) without successful results, PhenQ will put a smile back on your face.

From free shipping to quick delivery to value and effectiveness, PhenQ is what you want!

Do not wait for a second longer; get PhenQ diet pills, the ultimate fat burner to stay in top shape thanks to rich fat metabolism boosting ingredients.

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