Best Exercises To Do Before Bed To Lose Weight [2020 Tips]

So, you’ve decided to take our advice and work out before bed to reap some of the numerous benefits of working out in the evening, right? It’s a fascinating plan, but I guess you’re not sure of the type of good exercises to do before bed to lose weight. No worries, this post is for you.

You already know that if you want to lose weight, there are certain exercises that are ideal especially before bed. And of course, not all exercises are good to do at night.

That said, you can actually tap into your body’s full potential and enhance metabolic regeneration by using a combo of exercises before bed and a natural supplement that fights metabolic slowdown and unexplained weight gain like Resurge (check it out here).

Why exercises before bed are helpful

Some days come with a really tight schedule that steals into your all-important workout time. Regular skipping of your workout due to a busy schedule will see your calorie levels soar and torch your dream or long-term plan of losing weight.

This is why, no matter how hectic the day has been, finding a small time to do a few exercises before bed will help you. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of exercise before you call it ‘night’.

Fortunately, there are a few exercises that you can do in the evening at least an hour before going to bed, which will help burn those calories and make you lose weight even while you sleep.

Such exercises include high intensity and often capped off with low-intensity moves to help increase your sleep time and reduce your stress – both of which are an indispensable recipe for weight loss.

And guess what? These exercises can be done anywhere in your home! No extra equipment needed but just you and your determination to rid your body from unwanted fats!

But First, Many People Think It Isn’t Recommendable To Do Exercises At Night…

And from another angle, they may be right. Exercises increase your body’s energy and metabolism which may work to keep you awake for longer than necessary.

However, an analysis carried out in February 2019 and published in Sports Medicine assumes the opposite idea.

The researchers reviewed up to 25 different studies on the subject matter but couldn’t find any evidence or correlation between night time exercises and the inability to sleep.

To buttress that point, the National Sleep Foundation published an article that supports the idea that evening exercises elongates REM (Random Eye Movement) sleep and keeps you sleeping deeper and more soundly.

However, you’re advised to do any late exercises at least an hour before you pop into bed.

Bearing those in mind, let us move onto a few exercises before bedtime that can help you lose weight. Rest assured, you’re starting off with some intense workouts before switching to those of low intensity which actually causes you to become sleepy.

Best Exercises To Do Before Bed To Lose Weight

High-Intensity Exercises

  1. The Lunge Jump

best exercises to do before bed to lose weight lunge jump

The lunge jump is high intensity but a simple workout that can be done before bedtime and can help you lose some more calories before and even while in the sacks.

  • Stand with your feet at hip distance apart
  • Take one foot forward and then bend your knee to the point where your other knee is just inches above the ground
  • Bring down your hands to give you balance and momentum and then jump upwards in that posture
  • As you fall back to the ground, switch your foot so the other leg is in front and the initial one goes behind

You should do as many reps as you can for one minute, rest for 60 seconds before going another round. We recommend that you go five rounds at least.

  1. Body Weight Squat

To do this exercise properly, you need to stand in front of a wall.

  • Stand and face the wall with your legs at toes facing ahead and at hip distance apart
  • Stretch your hands outwards in front of your body
  • With a straightened spine, lower your back until your thigh bone and hips are parallel to the ground
  • Hold on for a few seconds, say 3 seconds before powering your body back into an upright position

Perform 15 reps of this exercise at a time. If you have enough stamina, you can go for two rounds.

  1. Plank

Plank is a high-intensity exercise that can be performed before bedtime. Plank is very simple and yet very effective in quickening the body’s metabolism and burning calories.

  • Place your hands right under your shoulder but a few inches wider than the normal shoulder width
  • Plant your toes into the ground and tenaciously squeeze your glutes so your body achieves stability. Be careful though so you don’t overstretch or lock your knees
  • Your spine, head, and neck should be in alignment with one another as you fix your gaze on any object that may be lying at least one foot away from your hands
  • Hold the position for at least 30 seconds

You can hold the position for more than one minute but take a 30-second rest and go one more round.

Watch this video below to learn how to do a plank.

  1. Stationary Lunge

The aim of this workout is to place your knees and toes parallel to each other.

  • Stand straight and stretch your hands parallel to your shoulders
  • Keep your back in a rigid and straight position then swing your right foot forward and bend your knee
  • Stay in that position for five seconds, then slowly drag your leg back to a normal standing position
  • Repeat the process for your other leg

Perform at least 15 reps for each leg before resting.

  1. The Jump Squat

This may just be the most difficult among the exercises but it is worth the energy.

  • Stand in a natural standing position
  • Bend your knees and hips and into a position as if sitting on an imaginary chair
  • Use your hands for momentum and then jump as high as you can
  • As you land, ensure you maintain the same sitting position with your hips parallel to the ground

Repeat this exercise as many times as you can for one minute then rest for another 60 seconds before another round. You can perform up to three rounds.

Low-Intensity Exercises

After getting your heart rate up with the high-intensity exercises, it is important that you de-stress with some low-intensity workout to gradually bring your body to rest. You can also do a series of deep nose-breathing or pace around slowly to calm your heart rate. Besides those, here are a few exercises you can do.

  1. Eye of A Needle

While lying on your back, cross your left ankle over your right knee or thigh. Gently grab your right thigh and pull it towards your chest. Do the same for the other side.

  1. The Kid Pose

While you’re on all fours, push your weight onto your butt and onto the back of your feet. Then gently push your chest and arms forward into a ‘lying face down’ position.

  1. Seated Forward Fold

This is quite easy. All you have to do is sit and stretch your legs out in front of you. Then try to reach for your ankles or knees or shins – and you’d be stretching the back of your leg in the process.

In Summary…

Losing weight is not only good health-wise but also helps you look trim and fit better into clothes.

No doubt you’ll most certainly burn calories while you’re busy in the gym, but the above-mentioned exercises can be done a few hours to bedtime (assuming you had a really busy day) and will help you sleep soundly while burning unwanted calories in the process.

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