17 Easy New and Healthy Yoga Poses for Two People (Perfect for Couples)

The advantages of yoga poses are pretty numerous you and I know it. But, what about creating a solid connection with your partner? Do you think doing yoga poses together can help?

It turns out it can, and today, we’ll be looking at the best yoga poses for two people which are perfect for couples.

Yoga as we all know is a great way for you to relax and strengthen the body and mind. In this post, you’d find that our listed yoga poses are quite relaxing and electrifying.

Ready to up your paces with the seventeen new yoga poses with your partner? You should because couples going through their yoga poses together can help for more understanding between them and a great connection of their mind.

So, before we begin, here are a few important things to note:

  • Each pose should last a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • Yoga is peaceful, it’s supposed to make you feel comfortable and not otherwise, don’t force it! Enjoy it.
  • Avoid positions you know exceeds your body flexibility.
  • Your breath is everything.
  • There is little or no need for socks and gloves, your sports bra or fitting top and yoga pants is enough.

Don’t forget that prior to beginning your two (2) people yoga poses, you and your partner will need a 5 to 10 minutes warm-up of the muscles, stretching your muscles. This is because without warming up will most likely get you injured.

Are you ready to begin this exhilarating yoga journey? If you are, grab your partner and explore this!

Top 17 Yoga Poses for 2 People

1.    Double Tree Yoga Pose

Double Tree Yoga Poses for two people

The doubletree yoga pose helps you and your partner on balance improvement by spreading weight all over the body.

How to carry it out:

  • Both partners should stand upright side by side.
  • Raise arms upward and press each other palm into each other.
  • Both partners should extend each other free arm, and place on each other’s waist.
  • Make sure the press is equal and you’re not leaning into your partner and vice versa
  • Each partner should lift the outer foot and place the bottom of their foot on the inside of the knee of the standing leg, forming a tree position.

2.    Double Standing Forward Fold Pose.

Double Standing Forward Fold yoga poses for two people

This pose helps to strengthen your forward fold, as you can deepen your fold and not worry about falling, because your partner is strongly holding you back.

How to carry it out:

  • Both partner should stand upright facing away from each other, with your heels facing each other.
  • Bend forward while taking your head down, making sure it is in between both legs.
  • Both partners should extend their arms, putting it around each other shins.

3.    Partner Forward Fold Pose.

Partner Forward Fold yoga poses for two people

This pose helps you and your partner stretch your legs and hamstrings.

How to carry it out:

  • Each partner should sit opposite each other with their legs wide apart and stretched out in front of them, while maintaining eye contact.
  • Both partner soles should touch each other, and they should both take each other arm.
  • One partner will hinge forward from the hips, while the other partner pulls him/her gently towards their self. This action should be repeated again for the other partner.

4.    Double Seated Cat Cow Pose.

Double Seated Cat Cow Pose

This pose helps the couple stretch their hips, waist, and back, it also helps both partners open up their chest.

How to carry it out:

  • Both partners should sit crossed legged facing each other, while maintaining eye contact.
  • Hold each other arm and take your shoulders back and down, finding equal resistance.
  • Both partners should stay in that position for 45 seconds.
  • After that, both partners should then inhale and calmly raise both their heads up and chest out while at it.
  • Both partners should hold on to this position for 45 seconds then exhale.
  • Both partners should then place their chin on their chest and look down at their stomach, making their back stretched.
  • Hold on to this position for 60 seconds and then hug each other.

5.    Double Boat Yoga Pose.

Double Boat Yoga Pose for two people

This pose helps to strengthen the abdominals, hip flexors, and spine of you and your partner without stress. It also helps to ease digestion.

How to carry it out:

  • Sit facing each other with knees bent and both feet on the mat while maintaining eye contact.
  • Adjust your feet so it can touch those of your partner.
  • Hold each other hands.
  • With both legs at angle 90, lean back as far as you both can while still holding your partner.
  • Press each other soles into each other, which both legs going in between the hold.
  • While both soles are still pressed into each other and still holding each other, raise your legs up making sure your butt is the only part of your body on the mat.

6.    Double Wide Legged Boat Pose.

Double Wide Legged Boat Pose for two people

This pose is quite comfortable and helps to reduce tension in the shoulder, Lower back, hips, and pelvic. It also helps strengthen your biceps and triceps.

How to carry it out:

  • While maintaining eye contact, Sit facing your partner with your knees bent and your legs opened.
  • Keep both feet flat on the ground.
  • With both hands in between your opened legs, reach out and hold the hands of your partner.
  • Then lean back while holding on to your partner, and raise both legs, while pressing your soles into that of your partner.
  • With your hands passing in between your legs while holding your partners hand, and your legs apart and facing up while pressing each other soles into the other, you should have formed a double wide legged boat pose. 

7.    Partner Chair Pose.

Partner Chair yoga Pose for two people

This is a lower impact pose that helps to strengthen the lower part of the body and also helps improve posture and flexibility.

How to carry it out:

  • Stand with your back against that of your partner.
  • Clap your hands in front of you forming a prayer position.
  • Make sure your hips and back are touching that of your partner.
  • After that, slowly and gently squat down forming a chair position.
  • Keep on pushing against the back of each other, as it increases stability and fun.

8.    Supported Backbend Yoga Pose.

Supported Backbend Yoga Pose

This pose helps to strengthen your spine and reduce the risks of injuring it. They also help to stretch the hip flexors and open up the chest and shoulders.

How to carry it out:

  • Stand facing each other, while maintaining eye contact.
  • Hold on to your partners arm.
  • While holding your partners arm, take a breath in and lift upward.
  • Then you release your breath and bend backward until you feel the stretch in your waist and spine.

9.    Temple Pose.

Temple Pose for two persons

This is a good yoga pose for partners to help them open up their chest and shoulder.

How to carry it out:

  • Stand facing each other, while maintaining eye contact.
  • Bend over with your hands in each other’s

10.  Double Camel Yoga Pose.

Double Camel Yoga Pose for two people

The double Camel yoga pose or “ustrasana” as it is also called helps stretch the front and back muscles of the body. It helps improve spinal flexibility and also helps strengthen the chest and abdomen.

How to carry it out:

  • While facing each other, both partners should kneel with body upright while maintaining eye contact (Fold your mat so it can be thick enough, to avoid pains to the knee).
  • Bring both your hips forward so they can stay over your knees.
  • Both partners should wrap their arms around each other thigh or waist.
  • One partner should then slowly bend backwards until they reach their flexibility limit.
  • After that the other partner will follow suit.
  • If you feel comfortable, let your head fall backward therefore opening your throat, if not you can keep your chin tucked in.

11.  Double Downward Dog Pose.

Double Downward Dog Yoga Pose for two persons

This pose helps increase focus and stretches the back and spine.

How to carry it out:

  • One partner starts by laying face flat on the mat with arms stretched forward and knees bent in a kneeling position, thereby forming a child pose.
  • The other partner Stands in front of the child posed partner at arm length.
  • The child posed partner then takes a hold of the standing partner’s ankle, holding on tightly to it.
  • The standing partner then slowly bends at the hips then extends both hands and place them on the waist of the other partner, with both legs as straight as possible replicating the downward dog position.
  • Positions can be interchanged by the partners for better muscle stretch result.

12.  Double Dancer Yoga Pose.

Double Dancer Yoga Pose for two people

This is a very easy pose that helps to increase body balance.

How to carry it out:

  • Both partner should start by facing each other at quite a distance, while standing upright and maintaining eye contact while at it.
  • Both partners should bring their front arm forward and rest their palm on the shoulder of their partner.
  • After making sure one partner is not leaning into the other, both partner should slowly raise their back leg upwards, then support it by holding the outside of their ankle with their free hand.
  • Positions can be repeated interchanging the positions of arm and leg.

13.  Extended Forward Leg Pose.

Extended Forward Leg Pose

This pose helps to stretch the legs, while also maintaining balance, developing good posture, and tones the abdominal organs. It also helps psychologically to increase trust between partners.

How to carry it out:

  • Both partners should stand upright, facing each other at legs length maintaining eye contact while at it.
  • Raise your left leg to your partners right hip, keeping your knees straight, while your partner supports your raised leg with his/her right hand to keep your raised leg in place.
  • Both partners should slowly support each other raised leg to their shoulder.
  • After that, partners should hold on to each other arm for full support.

14.  Chair and Shoulder stand Pose.

Chair and Shoulder stand Pose for two people

This Pose helps to improve balance in the body and also stretches the shoulders, neck, and waist.

How to carry it out:

  • Partners both start in different positions, one in the chair pose and the other laying on their back with both legs on the thighs of the chair posed partner.
  • The laying partner then pushes their hip and back upwards, with both hands holding on to the other partner ankle, so that they lay on just their shoulder and the back of their head.
  • Positions can be interchanged by the partners for better muscle stretch result.

15.  Double Plank Pose.

Double Plank Yoga Pose for couples

This pose is in fact actually more sophisticated than it sounds, but is also very beneficial to the body as it helps to improve the overall strength of the body, and also increases the balance of the arm.

How to carry it out:

  • One partner starts by laying straight on the floor, then pushing the body up, therefore standing on both arms and the tip of both feet.
  • The other partner then stands upright in front of the other partners head.
  • The upright standing partner advances to perform the plank pose on top the other partner but facing the other way, having their feet resting on the partners shoulder and arm on the partners leg.

16.  Reverse Double Plank Pose.

The reverse plank pose as the name implies is the opposite of the plank position. Just like the plank pose it helps to increase balance for the arm and strengthen the body, although it also opens up the throat.

How to carry it out:

  • One partner lays on the mat facing upwards.
  • The laying partner then pushes his/her hips upwards, therefore balancing with both arms and the sole of the feet.
  • The other partner gently place both feet on the shoulders of the laying partner, then placing both arms on the legs of the other partner.
  • The partner on top then pushes his/her hip upward like the laying partner.
  • After doing that, both partners will allow their heads fall backwards gently.

17.  The warrior three pose.

The warrior three pose

This pose helps to open up the chest and stretch the complete body, lungs, neck, shoulders, and also helps increase balance.

How to carry it out:

  • Both partners stand facing each other with their feet parallel.
  • Then both partners will then step back with their right foot, angling it to the right, while spreading their feet.
  • Both partners then raise their leg up at an angle 90.
  • Then both should out stretch their arm holding on to their partners raised leg feet.
  • Both partners should then hold on to each other thigh for support, then releases their hold on the partners raised leg.
  • Both partners should press their hips into one another, and make sure the knee of their standing leg is slightly bent.

So, that rounds up this post on 17 yoga poses for two people that are perfect for couples. If you’re looking for yoga poses to do with your partner, feel free to try some out. I hope you enjoyed it.

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