How to Get Buff Fast – 2022 Ultimate Guide to Becoming Bigger in Weeks

It’s hilarious!

Being super-buff opens doors even money won’t.

It’s healthy and certainly a confidence booster.

Sadly, a super-buff frame doesn’t happen by snapping one’s fingers.

You aren’t Thanos!

Thanos how to get buff fast

A workout routine is a must.

That’s in addition to eating the right food and living a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you have a thing against exercises, reconsider your stance.

Of course, not all workout routines will get you a buff figure.

Identifying the right workout routine for a buff is what this piece is all about.

And we intend to get you that super-buff frame in the shortest time possible.

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How to Get Buff Fast

Spending hours on the treadmill won’t get a buff frame.

It’s not how long, but how well.

The perfect workout routine is intense, brief, and a collection of exercises that work your entire muscle mass.

Getting Buff fast is all tied to volume.

You have to cover as much ground (more body parts) as possible.

More exercise to muscle ratio is the key.

The perfect workout routine for getting buff quickly isn’t all backbreaking exercises.

It’s a combination of different categories of exercises, which is important for a more all-around buff frame within the shortest time.

Meals Count

What goes into your mouth can decide if you get buff and when.

A buff frame is mostly muscular. And muscles are built from protein.

So your ideal meals should be protein-rich foods.

Carbs should only be added for their high-calorie content. You need the energy to handle the rigorous workout sessions for getting buff.

While at it, don’t fret a lot about controlling your calorie intake.

It’s too much fuss over nothing.

Consuming carbs needlessly have been shown to disrupt the build-up of muscles.

Studies suggest that carbs consumption should be limited to energy-giving.

So you should only eat carbs before your training.

And when you’re done with the routine, indulge in carbs to replenish spent energy.

The food source is just as important.

There are certain foods renowned for delivering massive muscle growth.

Yes, not all protein sources are great.

Some add unwanted fat to your meals, which creates problems when building a buff frame.

Great food sources for a buff frame include the usual suspects like salmon, oats, and more.

Also, thanks to their high protein count, muscle growth happens much quicker – a necessity for getting buff fast.

Prioritize Rest

A buff frame won’t happen without adequate rest.

Your body needs time to transform the proteins, workout routine, and others into a chiseled frame.

This makes regular sleep just as crucial.

Muscle building – which is what a buff frame entails – is tied to the actions of certain hormones.

Some of these hormones such as the growth hormone only get stimulated while the body is in resting mode.

That’s part of the parasympathetic nervous system, which takes effect when the body is at ease.

The American Medical Association Journal report confirms the importance of adequate rest. Its research shows a mere 5-hour nap can reduce muscle growth by a whopping 10-15%.

Add the repercussions of inadequate sleep as laid out by the National Sleep Foundation and it’s a no-brainer to sleep well.

Engage in Eccentric Exercises

Your workout routine should have more eccentric-focused exercises than the concentric counterpart.

The former sees the lengthening of muscle contractions gradually.

Eccentric exercises have been linked to muscle gains and hypertrophy.

Eccentric exercises include weight lifting, squats, adductor lateral lunge, hamstring workout, and more.

As these exercises lengthen the muscle mass, further growth is stimulated.

This explains why eccentric exercises are great for a truly buff frame.

Size Does Matter

As always, size does count. And that applies to getting buff.

Here, you have to work those larger bands of muscles, especially if you’re a fitness buff yourself.

By pushing these muscle bands – those in the thigh, back, and upper limbs – a buff frame is only a matter of time.

The choice of exercises will decide how these bands of muscles are worked on. Lifts can do the trick.

You just have to start using them in your workout routine.

Bench press, glute bridge, trap bar deadlift, and others should suffice.

A routine consisting of a few sets of more than 5 repetitions of these exercises will certainly help you get buff soon.

Of course, you can always target double-digit repetitions.

That will go a long way in reaching the goal quicker. Though you should take a break between sets.

More Training Volume Helps

If you’re serious about getting buff, then you shouldn’t ignore your training volume.

For those who aren’t aware, the training volume is a product of your set number and your reps’ frequency.

Though training volume takes into consideration these two factors, you have to be cautious about the weights used.

 Yet, it’s not an excuse to make your yoke light.

At the peak of exercising, hypertrophy sets in. The result is a drop in intensity.

Of course, this tends to affect the desired training volume.

Getting around this challenge is having multiple sets of as many as 20 reps.

If done right, getting buff will be a reality soon.

Consume Nutrient-Rich Fluids

Water might be taunted as the healthiest liquid, but it’s not enough if you want to get buff real quick.

Studies have shown that a protein-carb shake can give you the additional leverage you seek.

Taking these nutrient-rich drinks before exercising increases your chances of getting buff.

The exercises provide access to tissues, and the nutrients get work. 

Calorie Isn’t The Enemy

If you are looking to get buff, then you shouldn’t have anything against calories.

The body is wired to build muscles when calorie intake meets demand.

If you’re wary about adding weight, remember that getting buff is putting on more muscle weight.

A daily calorie consumption of at least 250 cal is critical towards getting buff.

Though calorie isn’t the enemy, the calorie source can complicate things.

Calories from proteinous sources can make all the difference when trying to get buff.

The Pennington Study confirms that calories obtained from protein-rich foods are easily utilized for muscle growth.

So if you’re looking to get buff soon, then switch your calorie source accordingly.

Eat more portions

Exercising isn’t for the weak or hungry.

If you’re not consuming enough calories and proteins, getting buff is only but a mirage.

Calories provide the energy needed to exercise and achieve that buff frame.

If you don’t eat enough calories, exercising gets difficult.

Protein-rich foods should also be taken seriously. Protein is one of the nutrients used in tissue building.

Not consuming enough food rich in protein will affect your muscle growth, which means you don’t get buff soon.

You shouldn’t only eat when you’re hungry. Eat frequently. Every few hours if possible.

Never Skip Breakfast

Getting buff is heavily dependent on muscle growth.

We have seen many proudly talk about skipping breakfast.

That’s the easiest way to not get buff.

A big, nutritious breakfast provides your body with the nutrients needed to keep up with your workout demands.

If you skip it, fatigue sets in real quick.

You should have a big breakfast rich in protein and carbs.

That should help you get buff in the shortest time possible.

Practice Bedtime Meals

Getting buff requires some strategic actions.

One of such is having nutrient-rich bedtime meals.

You have to eat this food minutes before going to bed.

There’s a logic to this timeline.

Consuming protein-rich food before going to bed increases the chances of building muscles.

During sleep, the body’s anabolic processes take off.

The result is muscle tissues get repaired and built.

Your body uses nutrients from the food consumed to make this happen.

Food sources like raisin bran, skimmed milk, and other protein-rich foods are perfect for a bedtime meal.

Once you keep this up, a buff frame is bound to happen sooner.

Endeavor to Rest

Getting buff isn’t only about workouts and what you eat.

You have to get adequate rest if all that effort delivers the buff frame you seek.

Lots of studies confirm that intense workouts sessions are only effective in muscle growth if adequate rest follows afterward.

Muscle growth only happens when you rest. So if you’re all exercise and no rest, the result you seek won’t happen.

Of course, your exercise routine has to be intensive. Else, resting does absolutely nothing for you.

In a nutshell, workout like your life depends on it. Then rest like a king.

Integrate Supplements

Bulking stack - how to get buff fast

Getting buff requires pushing your body to the max.

Sometimes, the natural techniques won’t get you there.

There’s only so much that workouts, food, and rest can do when getting buff is the target.

That’s where supplements come in.

Different supplements help you achieve the buff frame sooner rather than later.

Of course, the approach used by these biochemical substances varies.

Here are the most effective supplements for getting buff:


Your body produces creatine.

The biochemical substance provides the muscle tissue with vitality.

So you can keep pushing at a physically challenging task.

To complement the effort of the creatine produced naturally, you can take creatine supplements.

This effect is more energy is made available to your muscles, so you can keep up the intense workouts sessions.

And not worry about fatigue as you proceed.

Creatine doesn’t directly stimulate muscle growth.

But its actions can trigger activities that support muscle growth.

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)

This is another chemical compound produced in small amounts in the body.

HMB supports getting buff.

Studies show that the organic compound reduces the wearing of muscle tissue, instrumental towards muscle growth.

The supplement also does wonders for muscle strength, but you have to work it out effectively.

By taking HMB, you don’t have to worry about muscle fatigue during intensive workout routines.

Protein Supplements

Getting a buff frame means new muscle tissues have to be added.

Proteins are vital to any such addition.

When you consume protein-rich foods, your body breaks most down, putting the by-products to use through a variety of pathways.

In the end, most of the protein consumed never translates to muscle growth.

Though this isn’t always the case.

Protein supplements are ideal for those whose protein diet is grossly inadequate for their muscle growth needs.

Protein supplements differ in their source of protein.

Some of these supplements are sourced from milk, soy, eggs, and more.


Like creatine considered earlier, Beta-Alanine doesn’t directly affect muscle growth.

The amino acid ensures it takes longer for fatigue to set when exercising.

A few studies have linked Beta-Alanine’s impact on muscle growth to its optimizer effect on workouts.

Consuming the amino acid supplement helps you maximize the gains of an intense workout.

High-calorie Supplements

These supplements contain calories in significant amounts.

High-calorie supplements are best likened to foods.

They release calories on being ingested.

To get buff on taking these supplements, your workout routine has to be top-notch.

As always, high-calorie supplements won’t replace exercises.

They might help you gain muscle tissue, but you still need to put in the work.


Branched-chain amino acids play a major role in muscle growth.

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the three amino acids that make up the BCAA.

You can find these amino acids in animal protein food sources like fish, eggs, and others.

There’s research linking these amino acids to muscle gain.

However, it’s not definite.

BCAAs aren’t as reliable as other supplements considered earlier if getting buff quick is desired.

Your BCAA use is only advisable if, for whatever reason, your diet is lacking these amino acids.

BCAAs might be present in muscle tissue, but their support for muscle growth is debatable.

Dietary Pill to Get Buff

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Final Thoughts

Getting buff requires an intense workout routine, expensive feeding habits, and lifestyle changes that might be a handful sometimes.

Much of the tips highlighted in this piece can help you achieve that super-buff frame that gets everyone drooling.

You have to be mentally ready for what lies ahead.

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